Info alert: this drug presents a mortal danger, be very careful!

In order to caring for young sick children, health specialists most often recommend appropriate medication for their young age. However, the magazine Prescrire wanted to alert public opinion. It would appear that some of the proposed drugs carry health risks for children. Indeed, as reported by our colleagues from La Dépêche, paracetamol-based stickswhether in the form of drinkable suspensions or granules, are subject to of a warning. And for good reason, these packages seem to be precisely considered as dangerous for the youngest. We tell you everything!

Paracetamol stick

If the drugs in question have a very practical aspect, given their easily transportable nature, consumable without water and appreciated by children, their major advantages also represent risk factors. Indeed, with their attractive packaging and their varied tastes, they can very quickly look like confectionery. The packaging of these medicines paracetamol base, is reminiscent of small sachets of sugar. And unfortunately, this small downside can quickly become problematic.

Review Prescribe therefore explained: Opening the sachets is easy. There is no security system that could prevent or delay the opening of the bag by a child. The attractiveness of aromas and the presentation in sticks trivialize the use of paracetamoland particularly expose children with overdoses “. Indeed, their attractiveness can become a negative aspect instead of a positive one. Medicines should not look appealing to children. It should be possible to tell the difference between a medicine and a confectionery in a very simple way.

Accidental overdose

For children as well as for adults, the overdose of paracetamol constitutes a real danger. which can be deadly. Since 2020, the message “ overdose = danger appears on the medicine boxes. And this, as a preventive measure on drugs containing this active ingredient.

One of these drugs is aimed at young people between 16 and 48 kg. Which can represent any young person between 4 and 15 years old. Up to 24 kg, the dose should not exceed 4 sachets per day and one sachet every 6 hours. On the other hand, for children up to 30 kg, the dose can range up to 6 sachets per day and one medicine every 4 hours. Finally, do not exceed 8 sachets per day and two sachets every 6 hours for kids up to 48 kg. Eh yes ! It is still very difficult to understand. This means that even the most observant parent cannot protect themselves from an accidental overdose.

Do not exceed the maximum dose of drugs

Even if precautionary measures exist to ensure that the child cannot have access to the drugs in question. As everyone knows, zero risk does not exist. The dosage of paracetamol sticks depending on weight can mislead parents. Even the most cautious of parents are therefore not immune to a overdose accidental.

Thus, in order to limit the risks, it is important to keep the instructions for use of medicines containing paracetamol. Nevertheless, drugs containing paracetamol are not the only ones that remain to be preserved. Above all, you should never exceed the maximum recommended daily dose. As the Haute Autorité de Santé reminds us, this is equivalent to “ about 60 mg/kg/dayto share in 4 takesis around 15 mg/kg every 6 hours Where 10 mg/kg every 4 hours “.

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