Is the Waze app at risk? Google transfers a number of employees to the Maps division

Alphabet, the parent company of, among others, Google, has made a number of cuts at Waze.

Why is this important?

Waze users fear a merger with Google Maps. Alphabet denies that this decision will affect the independent operation of Waze.

In the news : that The Wall Street Journal announced that Alphabet has decided to move the team working on the Waze navigation app to Google Maps. This will save the company a significant amount of money.

More precisely :

  • The five hundred people working for the navigation application are now housed in the Geo division. In addition to Google Maps, this includes Street View and Earth.
  • Director General Neha Parikh, who was appointed less than two years ago, is also stepping down and will not be replaced.
  • Other than that, Google says there will be no layoffs as a result of this move.
  • “Stay Separate”: Google emphasizes that Waze will continue to operate independently and exist as a separate app.
  • The company acquired the popular app back in 2013 and has already integrated some of its features into Google Maps since then. Nevertheless, the two applications are currently different and are therefore developed and maintained separately.
  • Waze fans hope that will remain the case in the future, though some fear the app will eventually be fully merged with Google Maps.
  • Indeed, it wouldn’t be the first time that Alphabet reversed a decision and scrapped an existing service against its previous promises.

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