Israeli Innovation Reduces Anxiety In 3 Minutes

The device can be used as many times as necessary and as a preventive measure

It is a real revolution in the field of new technologies in Israel. In a country at war where the pace of life and the security situation cause some citizens permanent stress, even frequent anxiety attacks, Adi Wallach has developed CalmiGo, a small device that fits in the hand and reduces the anxiety through breathing in just 3 minutes. Discovery.

The idea was born from a personal need of Adi Wallach, who holds a degree in biomedical engineering from the prestigious Technion, Haifa’s engineering school. During her studies, the young woman begins to have anxieties. Very quickly, she seeks to develop a technology that would facilitate stress management, without drugs.

A device that adapts to everyone’s breathing

Practical and easy to use from the age of 6, CalmiGo helps to effortlessly regulate breathing according to each individual’s breathing pattern. After a few breaths, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and decreases stress hormones. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system and allows you to regain control when anxiety arises. The device can be used as many times as necessary, at times of intense stress or as a preventive measure to space out anxiety attacks. Indeed, at least 3 uses per day reduce the frequency of anxiety.

“This invention teaches us to relax through breathing. CalmiGo has the particularity of recording our breathing rhythm from the first breaths in order to then be able to guide us. Unlike mobile applications which do not distinguish the differences between humans, the device has an algorithm that makes possible a personalized follow-up, in order to calm the stress felt by the body, in stages. All the studies show that breathing in stages obviously reduces tension”, explains Dorit Grinberg, biologist with a PhD in health science and technology, CEO of MDS Pharm which markets the product in Israel.


Shir, mother of a 6-year-old girl who suffered from great anxiety, says CalmiGo turned out to be a miracle product that “saved her family’s balance”.

“My daughter had severe anxiety to the point that she was afraid to leave the house or get in a car, she was afraid of everything, she started shaking and crying. We tried all kinds of treatments on long term but nothing worked, on the contrary her anxieties got worse.When she started using CalmiGo, we noticed a radical change in her attitude, suddenly she wanted to go out, see her friends.This product succeeded where all the other solutions had failed,” she said.

CalmiGo is based on three proven techniques to lower stress hormone levels by allowing the body to calm the sympathetic nervous system.

“In our daily life, we are constantly exposed to stress and the pressure hardly ever goes down. Except for drug treatments, the only thing that helps is breathing. But to breathe properly alone, you need a lot of training, while with CalmiGo, it’s almost immediate,” says Dorit.

An alternative to drugs?

In the device, aromatics such as lavender oil have been inserted. Lavender is particularly known for its soothing properties, when you breathe it, it goes directly to the brain and helps reduce stress.

The majority of people who use it suffer from anxiety, others take medication but do not want to increase the doses so they combine them with the device while others use it occasionally before an examination or a public speaking to control their anxiety. For most of them, CalmiGo has radically changed their lives.

CalmiGo has already won over 18,000 users in Israel and the United States; in the future, it should continue its race for success in several countries across the globe.

Caroline Haïat is a journalist for the French site of i24NEWS

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