It’s a Coin Bonanza meme! Big Eyes Coin, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu look to dominate the market in Q4

The meme coin trend started with the introduction of Dogecoin (DOGE) to the crypto market in 2013. The platform, created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, was launched as a joke. However, it has quickly become one of the most dominant sectors in the crypto market.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) joined the market in 2020 as a competitor to Dogecoin and experienced one of the biggest jumps in value, increasing by 46,000,000%! However, there is a new cryptocurrency in town called Big Eyes Coin (BIG). The new platform has been making headlines for its innovative features and high return potential. Let’s find out why these cryptocurrencies could dominate Q4.

Big Eyes Coin Hits $2 Million Mark!

Big Eyes Coin is focused on being a community cryptocurrency, allocating 70% of its tokens to the public during its presale. The presale hit the $2 million mark, showing just how popular Big Eyes Coin is becoming in the crypto meme community.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a cute feline NFT, you can! Big Eyes Coin aims to have an NFT collection in the top ten drafts, with NFT events taking place every season. Big Eyes Coin NFTs can be used to access exclusive events, including the Big Eyes Sushi Crew, which is a club for those who hold Big Eyes NFTs!

Big Eyes Coin is hosting a 250k giveaway! That’s right, 250,000 valuable BIG tokens go directly to the community. The contest will choose ten winners, with the first one winning 100,000 tokens. The rest is divided among the nine other winners. Winners are announced at the end of the contest on December 11.

Dogecoin – Where The Meme Coin Market Began

Dogecoin currently enjoys an impressive market capitalization of $8 billion, according to CoinMarketCap. The gigantic number catapulted it into the top ten cryptocurrencies, showing how crucial meme coins are in the crypto market.

Dogecoin has received regular attention from billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Every tweet that Elon Musk posts to his 100 million followers has often resulted in price spikes for Dogecoin. When it was announced that Elon Musk would buy a stake in Twitter, Dogecoin rose 27%!

Dogecoin has fluctuated in value throughout its history. However, it shows its potential to explode in the future, making it a viable contender for your wallet when the price is low.

Can Shiba Inu outrun its main competitor?

Shiba Inu has lived in the shadow of Dogecoin since its inception. However, the meme coin has provided fruitful returns to its holders throughout its short history, making it a desirable cryptocurrency to hold at the right time.

An Ethereum (ETH) whale bought 550 billion SHIB tokens before the merger! Could this be a sign of potential price increases in the future? All signs point to yes as Shiba Inu are up 1.43% in the past seven days at the time of writing.

The introduction of the Shiba Inu Metaverse could take place in the 4th quarter of 2022. Is this the push Shiba Inu needs to overtake its main rival, Dogecoin? Shiba Inu currently has a market capitalization that is $2 billion less than that of Dogecoin. However, if one thing is guaranteed in the crypto market, it is surprises.

Final Thoughts

Both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have the potential to explode and dominate the market through Q4. Meme coins are known for their high return potential, helping some users earn fortunes through their price volatility.

However, meme coins often have low utility which can lead to a reduction in value. Big Eyes Coin takes the high return potential of its status as a meme coin and combines it with an ecosystem full of utility. If you are looking for a token that could dominate Q4, let it be Big Eyes Coin.

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