Ivory Coast: Thoughts on Technology and Security

Abidjan is hosting the 6th edition of the International Strategic Reflection Session (SIRS) from November 7 to 11, 2022 with 45 participants from Africa and Europe, including 35 Ivorians.

This international conference, which since 2015 has brought together international and national experts on the question of security, will take place over five days around the theme “Technology and security-defence: what challenges for Africa?” “, according to Apanews.

Participants will examine the relationship between technology and security during these meetings, which aim to share experiences in order to put in place strategic thinking, which each country can use to prevent threats.

In a rapidly changing world, States feel the need to innovate constantly, to be up to the security challenges of the moment. This justifies this meeting of the security and defense forces of these different countries.

Innovation, today, is an asset for having an avant-garde posture in the face of multifaceted security threats. It also makes it possible to develop anticipation capacities in a strategic way to find answers to the challenges of tomorrow.

Aware of these issues in the development of a defense and security policy in line with current threats, the armies of African countries are paying more and more particular attention to this issue.

Several initiatives are taken by African countries at the political, institutional, legislative and structural levels. This session aims to enable States to have innovative technological means and efficient and effective security devices in the accomplishment of their sovereign missions.

This 6th edition is also intended as a framework for analysis and capacity building for senior officials of the administration, the private sector and the African armed forces on the use of technologies in the field of security and defence.

Experts will provide auditors with decryption tools and analysis keys relating to the role played by technology in building a security and defense system that is strong enough to ensure the stability of a State.

At the start of the work; the Director of Cabinet Jean-Paul Manlan, representing the Minister of State, Minister of Defence, underlined that these foundations are of great importance for Africa especially for the fight against terrorism.

Côte d’Ivoire, in this context, has chosen to further strengthen one of the strategic functions focused on anticipation in order to allow the country in certain measures to protect itself from potential dangers.

Local structure in charge of organizing this event, the Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies (IESD), which has been organizing this international session since 2015, will help inform participants in making strategic decisions.

This institute, which aims to be a national school with a regional vocation, is positioned as a high-level training structure for civil and military executives. This session has been supported by partners, particularly French, since the first edition in 2015.

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