[J8] The press notes after Saint-Etienne/Bordeaux (L’Equipe, Sud Ouest, Ma Ligue 2)

As usual, we offer you the press notes after this Saturday’s meeting between AS Saint-Etienne and the Girondins de Bordeaux (0-2). We start with the daily newspaper Sud Ouest.

2/10 : Fransergio
3/10 : Lacoux, Ignatenko, Delaurier-Chaubet
4/10 : Michelin, Barbet, N’Simba, Maja, Bakwa
5/10 : Chick
6/10 : Bokele

Here is the comment allocated to our 2/10 of Fransergio. “He starts his match with a full axis raise in the opposing feet and an attack ball played in moonwalk (and therefore lost). A nice tense shot diverted by Dreyer (7th), another country (9th), then he disappeared from circulation as soon as Saint-Etienne started to put his foot on the ball. We saw the Fransergio from last season, non-existent in the duels. A little better once half-time is over, but it’s still not enough, and sometimes just as slow even when the space opens up in front of him.”.

And here are the L’Equipe notes. (incomplete because L’Equipe did not give them in full).

Bokele: 8
Delaurier Chaubet: 2
Maja: 4

Here are now those of the specialized site Ma Ligue 2:

Chick: 4
Bokele: 5
Mwanga: not rated / Replaced by Michelin: 4
barbet: 4
Nsimba: 6
Lacoux: 4
Ignatenko: 4
Fransergio: 4
Bakwa: 6
Elis: not rated / Replaced by Delaurier-Chaubet: 4
Maja: 5

Finally, and as a reminder, here are the Girondins4Ever notes.

Chick: 4
Bokele: 6
Barbet (c): 4
Michelin: 5 (Mwanga not rated)
N’Simba: 5
Fransergio: 3
Ignatenko: 3
Lacoux: 5
Delaurier-Chaubet: 4 (Elis not rated)
Bakwa: 3
Maja: 4
Guion: 5

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