Jean-Michel Aulas admits having thought about separating from Peter Bosz

Jean-Michel Aulas stays the course. The OL president continues to support Peter Bosz, his coach. However, he admits to having thought about all the hypotheses. “We are not going to question everything after three successive defeats (in Ligue 1 against Lorient, Monaco and PSG) even if it’s unbearable to loseglide Aulas. But aren’t we taking an additional risk by changing coaches when it’s the eighth day, when we have 13 points being sixth? It’s not reasonable, but to say that we haven’t thought about it, no. But the answer to the question is that we put the coach and all the staff in the best conditions to succeed. And if we are 8th at the end of the season, I would have resigned before. »

“Those who say that I am overwhelmed are more so than me”

Jean-Michel Aulas, President of OL

Or rather change the front bench. “We will be careful. Of course, there may be fear but we will get there and it is not the coach who is responsible. Reviews on social media? Of course it annoys me but I think those who say I’m overwhelmed are more overwhelmed than me, he laughs. This is the advantage when you have 35 years of experience and 60 titles on the clock. That being the case, if I had to with Vincent (Ponsot, OL football director) and Bruno (Cheyrou, head of the recruitment cell) change position, I would but today I am convinced that it is not the right solution to change. »

It even goes further. “If you change coach before going to Lens, Rennes, Nice, you put the one who arrives in a situation… Whereas if you are convinced that you have the right coach, he will not let you go on these matches there, he will win them and I prefer to be in my place than in that of Lens, Rennes and Nice even if he (Nice) Change of trainer…”


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