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A new tech platform, promoted by some of the best-known and most reputable names in the local ecosystem, seeks to provide a solution to the labor shortage in Israel’s high-tech sector, driving a fundamental change in the search, selection and placement process applied to Haredi, Arab, Druze and Ethiopian candidates and populations residing in the periphery.

The platform, launched under the aegis of a new organization called Place-IL, is intended to manage the most difficult phase on the path to a career in this sector: the initial placement of inexperienced candidates (or juniors).

Behind this bold move, which aims to lay the foundations for a more balanced and diverse high-tech industry, is Idan Tendler, one of the founders of Bridgecrew, which was acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2021, and his current vice president.

Operationally, Place-IL will operate a marketplace where Israeli high-tech companies and employers participating in the business can select quality-screened candidates and integrate them into a program unique, inter-company internship program that will provide candidates with the experience and a real opportunity to occupy permanent positions. The platform will not only allow companies to find the right “talents”, but also to overcome the “youth barrier” which prevents the placement of qualified but inexperienced candidates.

The platform was developed in collaboration with dozens of leading companies, including Google, Monday, Cisco, Armis, Palo Alto Networks, Axonius, and Hibob.

“Place-IL was founded by experienced high-tech entrepreneurs, together with the Israeli venture capital community and with the support of companies operating within the ecosystem,” says Idan Tendler.

“We are seeing a growing community of people who help assess candidates in Israel, working together for a common cause – filling labor gaps – both to fill positions and to achieve adequate representation. of all people in Israel,” he said.

Keren Halperin-Musseri, former chief executive of Shiur Acher and current chief executive of Place-IL, found, working with Tendler, that despite a shortage of about 20,000 high-tech employees, the impressive array of qualifications established in Israel in recent years only manages to successfully place 4% of underrepresented populations.

“As a leading investor in Israel, we emphasize the diversity of human makeup in the companies we consider, as well as those in which we have already invested. Expanding representation to all populations not only leads to a better organizational culture, but also improves business results,” said LiadAgmon, Managing Director at Insight Partners.

Place-IL recently held a kick-off meeting with the members of the advisory board, made up of more than 50 professionals, including senior executives from companies that have joined the initiative, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and specialists in the diversity.

Today, the initiative, which is in collaboration with the Labor Department of the Ministry of Economy, is launching its first pilot program which includes hundreds of candidates for “software development” positions. They will be subject to the recruitment process. Successful candidates will begin the internship program in a few weeks.


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