Joel Embiid in the French team: “Why not?”

While the express naturalization of Lorenzo Brown has returned to the fore after the victory of Spain, it will soon perhaps be up to France to justify themselves on the selection of Joel Embiid. Naturalized since July, the pivot of the Sixers could wear the jersey of the Blues from the 2023 World Cup, then at the 2024 Olympics.

Guest of RMC, Boris Diaw gave an update on this file and his possible arrival in the French team.

He doesn’t have the FIBA ​​license yet so we’re not at that stage yet.”, he warned. ” But it would be nice if he could have that license. It would be good for the French team. We know he became French so why not. We try to have as many good players as possible and to build a team that holds up and plays well together.”.

Rudy Gobert is in favor

On the side of the player, we had explained, as early as May, that the priority remained to be in good health.

“Compared to this approach, I don’t really have an answer (to give). Like I said, right now I’m definitely going to have an operation on my finger. So this summer I want to be healthy and then we’ll see what happens after.”The NBA season is the most important. My goal is to play 82 games, plus the playoffs. Before thinking of getting into a summer competition which could jeopardize what I am able to do during the following campaign. »

As for Vincent Collet, he saw no obstacle to choosing Embiid if he is selectable. ” When it’s fully selectable, I don’t see why I wouldn’t select it “, he replied at a press conference. ” We have always taken the best players and I consider that from the moment he is selectable, he belongs to this category. »

Even Rudy Gobert, who could lose his place in the starting five, is in favor of the Cameroonian’s arrival. “ A player like Joel Embiid, there is only one in the world “, he had launched in the columns of the JDD. ” So yes, I would like to see him one day with the jersey of the French team. It’s mostly up to the coach [Vincent Collet, ndlr] to make this decision. But no one can really say no to a talent like him. From the moment it sticks to our team, our chemistry, our principles of play and that he is ready to adapt to it, it can be a very good weapon for us. »

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