John Deere launches its See & Spray technology at Sima

Antoine Humeau

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The only novelty presented by the American firm on the occasion of Sima 2022, the See & Spray sprayer. A machine equipped with cameras to detect weeds. Release date announced for France: spring 2024.

The See & Spray system, based on the See & Spray™ Select technology, already marketed in the United States, consists of detecting color differences in the field by camera. (©John Deere)

Le stand of John Deere still spans 3,000 m2surface identical to the previous edition of the Sima in 2019, but with fewer machines. “This leaves us room to attach tools behind, to present them in situation”, justifies Julien Saint-Laurent, the marketing director of John Deere France. The firm of Moline (Illinois) exhibits only one novelty this year. This is the sprayer See & Spray.

The sprayer, manufactured in the factory in Horst in the Netherlands already exists. The novelty is the See & Spray system, based on the See & Spray Select technology, already marketed in the United States. It consists in detecting the color differences in the field by means of cameras installed on the ramp. And all this at more than 15 km / h, promises the firm. Until then, the detection of weeds was done by mapping: “Between the photo and the processing of the data, there was at least 24 hours, it was not very reactive, the plot could already have changed in appearance”, says Julien Saint-Laurent. The See & Spray system is therefore intended to be more reactive, the analysis is done in real time.

Marketed in 2024 in France

Cameras and other hardware components are integrated directly into the equipment. A camera is installed every meter along the boom over the entire working width in order to detect green plants very quickly. Graphics processors process the images and the spray nozzles are triggered individually when a green spot is detected, for the most targeted application of herbicide possible before emergence. “All weeds visible to the naked eye are also detected by the cameras”, assures the American manufacturer.

John Deere See & Spray CameraThe cameras are positioned every meter along the ramp. (©Antoine Humeau)

After emergence, the system can still be used for all row crops before full canopy, says the firm. “Crop rows can be skipped by the sprayer, allowing weeds to be targeted and treated between the rows.”

John Deere guarantees a success rate equivalent to that of general spraying and claims “a reduction in fuel consumption of up to two-thirds”. Figures that are difficult to verify.

The system presented by John Deere will not be marketed in France before 2024. The American manufacturer is following in the footsteps of Berthoud andAmazon, the French manufacturer having set up the Sniper technology. The German firm, with Bosch and BASF, developed the system Smart Sprayer. Its device for detecting weeds by cameras was presented at the German show Agritechnica in 2019.

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