Julian Nagelsmann’s future hangs by a thread!

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It is in excellence that we recognize the big clubs and Bayern Munich is no exception. Despite a hot start this season, the Rekordmeister is picking up the league. After 3 initial victories, the Bavarian club has just tied three draws (Borussia Mönchengladbach 1-1, Union Berlin 1-1 and VfB Stuttgart 2-2) until this Saturday. On the lawn of Augsburg, Bayern Munich will never have found the solution and lost 1-0. A first defeat of the season which hurts a lot and which confirms the offensive ills of the Bavarians. They are now fifth, five points behind the surprising leader, Union Berlin. If he has not yet come into danger in the house, the leaders of the German club will not wait too long and the pressure is clearly increasing around Julian Nagelsmann, like the statements of sports director Hasan Salihamidzic last week: “the coach has to figure out how to rotate and get his team to play together. I am angry because what we proposed today was not enough. I am for the first time this season. Because of ourselves. If you are ahead on the scoreboard and can make the score worse, you have to give it your all in the last ten minutes.”

Obtaining a 2-0 success against FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich had reassured even if all was not perfect before finally falling back into their ways. Already disputed at the end of last season with in particular the elimination in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Villarreal and rather questionable choices, Julian Nagelsmann is once again at the heart of the discussions. Under contract until June 2026, the technician also seemed particularly annoyed after the new defeat against Augsburg: “I’m not going to target any player today. The recent negative trend is not good. A lot of things have to change. I’ll think it over, and then we’ll see how things go from here. I will think about this situation. We haven’t won for four games. I am a bit worried. We missed several chances and conceded few. We can’t win like that in the Bundesliga. We have problems against physically strong teams. Now there are no more excuses, we need victories.”

A secret clause

Clearly victory is the key word that must circulate in the Bavarian locker room, because the press across the Rhine scratches the technician who passed through Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig. Kicker in particular explains that: “the team’s critical voices are increasingly penetrating the outside world.” Which means that the players are starting to doubt the German technician. Oliver Kahn visiting during Oktoberfest tried to calm the fire: “We are not dealing with other coaches now, we are totally convinced of Julian.” However, a shadow hangs over Julian Nagelsmann and it is Thomas Tuchel. The 49-year-old German technician who has been free for 12 days and his ousting from Chelsea is a suitable candidate for the Bavarians. He had also almost come to Bavaria in 2018 before finally going to PSG, Bayern Munich falling back on Niko Kovac.

Desire of the leaders of the German club for a few years, Thomas Tuchel is also particularly appreciated by Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic the new strong men of the club as underlined Picture. Besides, the German media also mentioned a deadline for Julian Nagelsmann to reverse the negative trend. Opposed on Friday September 30 to Leverkusen in the Bundesliga and on Tuesday October to Plzen in the Champions League, Bayern Munich will travel to Dortmund on October 8. Relegated to three points from the Marsupials, the Rekordmeister cannot see his main rival take off. However, a secret clause in the coach’s contract complicates things according to Sports Picture. Thus, it provides that at the end of each season of Julian Nagelsmann’s contract the compensation decreases, but that in the event of departure during the season, the two parties could freely agree on the amount. Which means that Bayern Munich will probably have to put their hands in their pockets and in a consistent way. Threatened, Julian Nagelsmann has at least a golden parachute if the next few weeks continue to turn sour.

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