Kylian Mbappé sets Argentina on fire again

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Kylian Mbappé against Argentina. While the 2022 World Cup final pitted the Albiceleste against France (3-3, 4-2 on penalties), the Argentine press only has the name of the Paris Saint-Germain player in their mouths. It must be said that KM7, whose statements about South American football had caused many people to jump, had been identified as danger number one. Rightly so, as KM7 scored a hat-trick against Lionel Messi’s teammates on December 18, allowing the Habs to believe in a second consecutive World Cup success until the end.

The Frenchman was the target of Argentine provocations

But he failed to pull off a miracle as the Blues lost on penalties. Touched but not sunk, the 24-year-old striker, named top scorer at the World Cup, has been the target of numerous attacks since the final. Emiliano Martinez, who we remember conceding three goals from Mbappé, chained the provocations about the French national team player. We saw him ask for a minute’s silence for KM7 in the Argentina dressing room after the final victory or even wave a doll with a picture of Mbappé on the face in the Argentina bus during the celebrations.

PSG: The Parisians fear a Messi-Mbappé clash!

Stille, the Parisian responded on the field on Wednesday against Strasbourg with a goal (2-1 victory) and then in front of the press. Disappointed after the loss of the World Cup, he was a good player with Lionel Messi and then spoke about the Argentine provocations. “I spoke to him after the game to congratulate him because this is his life’s quest. Also for me, but I failed. You always have to be a good player. And the celebrations are not my problem. I don’t waste my energy on such trivial things The most important thing for me is to give the best of myself for my club.

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The press scrutinizes Mbappé closely

Inevitably, his statements were passed on in Argentina. TyC Sports explaining that Mbappé downplayed things around the celebrations of Dibu Martinez and the Argentines, then added that there was “a touch of irritation” from his side. The national media is also worried about Lionel Messi. In fact, KM7, whose performance against Strasbourg was observed and commented on in all the Argentine media, was especially supported by the supporters of PSG, who even sang a song in his honor and folded several banners out.

Kylian, the future is yours“;”WC top scorer, pure Parisian product“;”The master is you“, we could read. TyC Sports wondering if it’s not a criticism or a blow to Pulga who won the World Cup with Argentina and we didn’t see Mbappé defend when Emiliano Martinez sent several tackles. On his side, The nation is much less suspicious. “On the field, with professionalism and commitment, the striker born in Bondy in the Paris suburbs has turned since the World Cup chapter”wrote the Argentine publication, adding that the Frenchman had “avoided getting embroiled in a controversy” when asked about Dibu Martinez. Clarin also spoke of the Frenchman’s pain after the loss to Argentina. More than 10 days after the final, KM7 is still being talked about in the land of the new world champions.

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