La French Tech Kong Kong: “promoting French technology in the Greater Bay Area”

French Tech Hong Kong was created in 2015 and merged with Shenzhen in 2019. Member of the jury of East Asian French Trophieswe met Julien Coupat, and Xavier Roso, respectively vice-president and community lead to learn more about this organization.

“More than a network of startups, French Tech is an ecosystem”

What is French Tech?

La French Tech”: this is the French movement of start-ups. A unique ecosystem that brings together start-ups, but also investors, decision-makers and community builders.
Our mission: to make France one of the most attractive countries in the world for start-ups
who want to get started, set out to conquer international markets and build a future that
makes sense. Attached to the French Tech mission based in Paris, whose role is to facilitate the emergence of French initiatives and companies in the field of technologies throughout the world, the foreign chapters of French Tech number around twenty in more than 27 French versions.

“The French Tech Hong Kong Shenzhen, does not only include French people”

Can you introduce the Hong Kong Shenzhen chapter?

More than a network of French start-ups, French Tech Hong Kong Shenzhen is a network of Francophile entrepreneurs and skills, working in two directions simultaneously, namely to promote investment in France from the Greater Bay Area and the success of French initiatives in the region. We have just renewed our office which is established as follows (the first 6 in order on the photo of one):

  • Jean-Luc Gustave, President
  • Julien Coupat, Vice President Hong Kong
  • Ludovic Krundel, Vice President Shenzhen
  • Xavier Roso, Community Lead Hong Kong
  • Laurent Le Pen, Community Lead Shenzhen
  • Karim-Vincent Berrada, Treasurer
  • Thomas Loriflu, Communications
  • Yu YuanCommunication

Members meet on a WhatsApp network which now has 250 people to discuss selected topics or news from the technological world. We also organize events but it is ultimately through daily interaction through the network that we are most effective.

How do exchanges work?

Using a network like WhatsApp requires us to moderate content, excluding the inevitable trolls and disruptors, so we can focus on creating value collectively. Quickly, when a theme takes shape, other working groups are formed to dig deeper into the subject. We are not very selective on the qualities of the contributors insofar as we seek above all to bring out a local ecosystem. So we have employees who are interested in tech projects like entrepreneurs, confirmed or not. Our exchanges are in English to promote portability and exchanges with the greatest number of talents and the industries concerned include marketing and investors in addition to technology experts.

“We want to set up an incubator”

What are the projects of French Tech Hong Kong – Shenzhen?

Over the next two years, we want to continue to develop the community and bring value to our members: network events, joint participation in trade fairs and conferences, support for entrepreneurs… French Tech must be part of the business and tech ecosystem. of the Great Bay.
We are also working on an ambitious Bootcamp project supported by our partners and with the help of our community fund (Paritech France mission). In the region, the Next Tech China project has already made it possible to set up a series of conferences between Shanghai and Beijing in 2020, part of a larger program called Next Tech 120. This year, French Tech Singapore set up an event on Blockchain and Agritech which has been very successful. This time, it is a question of launching a real multi-skills incubator program, in the idea from the selection of 5 or 6 projects within about forty applications, intended to support the start of these companies. We are convinced that Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area are a destination of choice for French tech entrepreneurs. And that French entrepreneurs have a real card to play on the territory.
If we manage to organize this Bootcamp, we will of course decline it in the other direction: to promote the installation of companies from the Grande Baie in France.

What is your schedule and how do you join?

We have just submitted our relabelling project to French Tech Paris. The precious sesame should arrive in January 2023.
In the meantime, we will organize an event allowing us to meet and find ourselves physically after this hectic period. It will take place this Thursday, November 17 simultaneously in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
Then the schedule will depend on the speed of adoption of our program by the various stakeholders. A parameter that is still poorly controlled but for which we are particularly prepared by the very fact of our structure, is that of opening up access to Grande Baie, which will provide the necessary oxygen for the deployment of our initiatives. Due to the fact that China has prevented travel as part of the zero covid policy, French companies already present in Shenzhen have been weakened, but we are counting on the already solid fabric established in Hong Kong (our network has around thirty startups, including several have reached maturity) to help, among other things, our Bootcamp project.

Until then, the most effective way is to visit our website to join us in person on one of our events and of course on our WhatsApp group.

French Tech Hong Kong Shenzhen website

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