Launch of Google Display & Video 360 API V2 Beta

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Google has announced the Display & Video 360 API v2 public beta. Additionally, they also announced the extension of the DV360 API Developer Survey until the end of September to gather more customer feedback on v2 and the API in general.

What the API does. The Display & Video 360 API allows users to automate complex Display & Video 360 workflows, such as creating insertion orders and setting targeting options for individual posts.

v2 updates and new features. v2 includes a number of new features and breaking changes. Here are some of the changes introduced in v2:

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Dig deeper. You can read Google’s API announcement here. The survey can be found here. Developers who need additional information can check out the patch notes.

Why we care. Developers and advertisers should migrate their Display & Video 360 API from v1. Note that you will need the most recent version of the client library and update your configuration to use version 2.

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