“Laurentian Fresco”: Art Through Technology

Samuel Charrois is a visual artist from Sainte-Adèle. He will present “Fresque laurentienne” next Saturday in Morin-Heights, a 33-minute animation.

Photo: Courtesy

“I composed the music and worked with images. I tried to find the atmosphere of the Laurentians, to draw inspiration from the landscapes here,” he explains. By using software, the artist can play with the images. For example, the forest turns into an ocean to transport us to a unique universe.

The artist returned to settle in the Laurentians recently, while he was living in Montreal. He has lived in Sainte-Adèle since the pandemic. “I rediscovered my corner, the beauty of winter, the landscapes which are magnificent. It was a source of inspiration for my last animation”, he underlines.

Samuel has a dual background: he is a musician at the base, but he is very interested in multimedia.

“I like gravitating between these two worlds. This work allows me to make musical composition by mixing with the visual arts”, he says.

A new era

The artist of “Fresque Laurentienne” likes to push these new technologies and believes that it is a “new era which opens in front of us”. “It takes me somewhere else. It’s not instant creation, it takes time and there is really a human aspect. Artificial intelligence allows me to go places I couldn’t go without the algorithms,” says Samuel.

According to him, technological advances in the visual arts represent opportunities for the youngest.

“I don’t know where I would be today if I had had access to this! Everything is to be discovered,” he said.

His process is just as long as painting a canvas or making a drawing, he explains. He works a lot on his images with Photoshop for example. “It’s all in the process. »

In addition to being a visual artist, Samuel also accompanies various artists on the piano. He also participates in improvisation leagues as a pianist and composes music “in real time”. “I like to put myself in danger! »

To discover his work

“Laurentian Fresco” will be projected onto the exterior wall of the Chalet Bellevue in Morin-Heights next September 17 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. The 35-minute animation will be presented on a loop. Admission is free.

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