“Learning of my cancer, I trusted my doctor, I entrusted my life to him”

Faced with Michel Cymes, at the Ouest-France space, Wednesday, November 23, an attentive public who listens to the advice of the “favorite doctor of the French”. And in particular, the importance of getting tested. “We can’t all go for a scan of the whole body every month, but we can do the four major early screenings: the breast, the prostate, the cervix and the colon. » He knows something about it, himself was a victim of kidney cancer, ten years ago.

“That’s what made me want to write this book”

However, “Less than half of the French do it. We’ve all heard people say, “I’m not getting tested because they might find me cancer.” Yes, but it could save your life. That’s what made me want to write this book. »

In Nothing is impossible: my story could be yours, the ENT doctor delivers an introspective account, in particular of the moment when he himself passed to the other side of the barrier: “When I announced laryngeal or other cancer to a patient, I didn’t tell him not to do research on the Internet, but to go to referenced, serious sites. Myself, when I was told I had cancer, I just went to see the definition of this tumor on the Internet. Then I trusted my urologist. I entrusted my life to him. »

He also mentions the late discovery of his ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder), at 58 years old: “It gave me some answers, helped me understand why I had a relatively short attention span, why I always need to have plans because I get bored very quickly. It relieves, too; and I became friendlier, more tolerant with me. »

Not unhappy, either, to have lived with without knowing it: I repeated my 6th and I failed my baccalaureate. If I had been told “you have ADHD, it would be better to orient yourself towards something other than medicine “ , I would never have tried it. »

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