Ledger tutorial: learn how to secure your cryptocurrencies

Not your keys, not your coins – LMt Gox affair in 2014 was not an isolated case. Celsius, the FTX empire of Sam Bankman-Fried, many centralized exchanges and other Ponzi schemes are collapsing, taking with them the cryptocurrencies of their customers. It’s time for prudence and reason.

>> Not your keys not your coins! Opt for a foolproof hardware wallet, choose Ledger (commercial link) <<

Ledger: the solution to do without crypto platforms

This is where Ledger comes in. Simple USB key connected to an application to secure your cryptocurrencies, the french ledger unicorn has gradually established itself as THE reference in terms of hardware wallet. The key to do without exchanges

From receiving your Ledger key to setting up your wallet, including your first purchases, deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies, this tutorial will teach you how to use your key. Nano X or Nano Y with ease.

In crypto, do not economize on caution! So, to keep your crypto assets safe, the best solution is still a personal hardware wallet. At Ledger, there is something for all profiles and all cryptos. Do not wait to put your capital in safety (commercial link)!

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