Ledger unveils Stax, the crypto wallet of the future

As we approach the end of a year 2022 that has painfully demonstrated all the dangers of leaving the storage and management of your precious crypto assets to third-party platforms registered in exotic locations, the principle “Not your keys, not your coins” never seemed so relevant. Investors are thus repatriating their bitcoins, NFTs and other cryptocurrencies en masse to personal physical wallets. In this general movement, the French leader Ledger often has a choice, as its physical products are known for their quality and safety. Evidence that could be further reinforced with today’s unveiling of the brand’s new flagship product: the Stax wallet, forged by Ledger and designed by Tony Fadell, The iPod danger.

Op3n conference, Ledger sends heavy

After the brand announced the launch of his payment card in Europe, not so long ago the community suspected that the 3ᵉ edition of Ledger Op3n in Paris would be the occasion for some announcements. But it’s exactly an “Apple moment” way “one more thing” that the boss of Ledger offered himself, Pascal Gautier.

In fact, a little earlier this afternoon, this is what will likely be the brand’s new flagship that was revealed: Ledger Stax.

Stax is one hardware wallet (a physical wallet) which required 2 years of study and work before it was unveiled, and which is supposed to represent the pinnacle of this type of product, and a perfect synthesis between ergonomics, security and modernism.

“With the Ledger Nano™ family, we have created the most successful digital security hardware ever with over 5 million products sold and no devices hacked. Digital assets are not limited to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and are increasingly expanding into the areas of identity and digital property . This future requires a device now within everyone’s reach. A device that does not compromise when it comes to security. The solution is Ledger Stax, which combines security and accessibility.”

And if the unveiling of the beast was uniquely reminiscent of the biggest Californian Keynotes from Apple, the comparison does not stop there, because behind the design of Stax hides Tony Fadellthe iconic creator of the timeless iPod look.

>> Pre-order your new Stax wallet on the official Ledger website <

Stack in Stax

Under the attractive hood of the brand’s new star, the very best in a crypto-security industry already known for its legendary rigor.

The size of Stax compared to a classic smartphone

Besides the obvious like Bitcoin Where EthereumStax will thus make it possible to secure more than 500 assets, as well as your NFT the most precious, which with ultimate coquetry will be able to be displayed on the big screen of the device.

This E-Ink screen (up to 16 levels of gray), capacitive touch, with a customizable lock, is always on. The choice of screen will, according to the manufacturers’ data, allow to have an autonomy of several weeks, “even several months” according to the official press release.

And for lovers of well-ordered shelves, the screen colonizes the device’s edges, making it possible to immediately identify the type of assets stored in the device.

Stax ledger

Ledger Stax will be available in the first quarter of 2023. You can pre-order yours today at Ledger.com. In the future, Ledger Stax will also be available from authorized dealers, such as Boulanger or Fnac in France.

Finally, and for a limited time, every Ledger Stax includes one Infinity Pass, offering free NFT and future perks. In addition, you can coins an NFT Ledger Stax on Ledger Market.

The pass that gives access to a Stax

This NFT grants access to an exclusive NFT artwork from Ledger’s specially selected network of artists, as well as ordering a Ledger Stax device.

Ledger Stax has just been revealed, pre-orders are open and success is very likely to be there. To be sure of delivery within a reasonable time, it is time to order your new digital safe by going to only on the official Ledger website.

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