LionsGeek reconnects young dropouts in Casablanca, in partnership with RTBF

This experience is reminiscent of the one conducted in Charlewood (here), MolenGeek’s Charlewood branch created in partnership with RTBF and intended to become a reference center in the production of digital content at a time when digital technology is constantly shaking us up.

“We have acquired know-how through the experience of Charlewood and now we export this know-how to partners in Morocco where the difficulties, the findings and the solutions are the same as in Belgium”, specifies the director of information at RTBF, Jean-Pierre Jacqmin, present in Casablanca for the launch of LionsGeek. The will is also “to bring out the search for new talents with their view of society”he continues.

ValĂ©rie Druitte, manager of the Charleroi site, goes in the same direction: “RTBF’s contribution was made possible by its Carolo experience. We realize that we have the same vision, the same commitment in a society that is changing very quickly. We all need to connect to audiences that we no longer reach as we would like”. Added to this is the desire to play a social role in the inclusion of young people who have dropped out of school, socially or professionally.

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