LIVE – France-Poland: the Blues face Spain in the EuroBasket final

France will face Spain in the final

Spain joins France in the EuroBasket final. La Roja qualified by beating Germany 96-91.

The final of this European basketball classic is scheduled for Sunday at 8:30 p.m.

The Spanish world champions, in full generational renewal, reach the final of the Euro for the tenth time in their history.

Collet: “Our most constructed match”

Vincent Collet (at M6’s microphone): “We took them by the throat, we’ve never defended like that in the tournament and we made the match easy. In the final, we’ll have to play our best match of the competition. Tonight, we had our most constructed match, we will have to do even better on Sunday.”

End of Q4 – 95-54

It’s over in Berlin! The Blues did not yet have a reference match in this Euro, it is now done! The French team simply torpedoed the Polish surprise in this semi-final to qualify for the Euro final.

Vincent Collet’s men will face the winner of the Germany-Spain match (tonight at 8:30 p.m.) in the final on Sunday (8:30 p.m.) to seek the second European title in its history.

Q4 (1′) 92-50

Mbaye has a hot wrist! It still falls in for the strong winger. The demonstration continues.

Q4 (2′) – 85-48

Maledon finds the target behind the arc, the 12 French have now scored tonight!

Q4 (4′) – 82-46

Big dunk from Mbaye, left alone in the racket. Poland is starting to put a little in but it’s still going as well for the Blues.

Q4 (6′) 79-41

Everyone joins the party! Luwawu-Cabarrot and Mbaye put in three points.

Q4 (8′) 71-36

The Blues continue to unroll. +35 with Fall in the racket. It will be long this end of the match for the Poles.

Q4 (9′) 67-36

The fourth quarter begins as the third ended: with a three-pointer from Okobo.

End of Q3 – 64-36

The Blues are in DEMONSTRATION! With a three-pointer from Okobo to end the quarter, they now have a 28-point lead against the still suffocated Poles. This time, the third quarter was mastered!

Q3 (2′) 59-30

YABUSELE AGAIN! At three points then on the counterattack, the Dancing Bear is now at 22 points!

Q3 (2′) 54-27

Yabusele fires long distance. 17 points for the French post 4, on fire!

Q3 (4′) 52-25

The Poles leave the match and the coach takes a technical challenge. Behind, Albicy puts in three points. It’s going to correctional!

Q3 (5′) 48-23

YABUSELE HAS THREE POINTS! He is in the Dancing Bear area.

Q3 (6′) 45-23

Yabusela is IMPOSSIBLE to stop in the racket! Behind, Fournier finishes quietly on the counter-attack and the Blues take their biggest advantage of the match.

Q3 (7′) 41-23

The Poles put in three points but Tarpey calms it all down by scoring two points inside.

Q3 (9′) 37-18

Let’s go for this third quarter, and it starts with a big three points from Fournier!

End of Q2 – 34-18

The Blues are ahead at the break! First period more than controlled by the French who literally asphyxiated the Poles, blocked at 18 small points! If the attack is still messy, the defense has allowed the Blues to take off.

Now all that remains is to overcome the curse of the third quarter.

Q2 (1′) 32-16

Gobert on the other hand, again! It is impassable the old Choletais.

Q2 (1′) 32-16

The Poles are still breaking their teeth on Gobert and the Blues continue to increase their lead with two new points from Tarpey.

Q2 (3′) – 30-16

The defense of the Blues is monstrous! Gobert offers himself a new counter and Tarpey delights the public with a big dunk behind.

Q2 (4′) – 27-14

Gobert’s HUGE counter on Slaughter! In the process, Poirier crushes a big dunk on the nose of the Poles!

Q2 (4′) – 25-14

An always ultra-defensive match, each basket is a fight. After a 2/2 to Gobert’s throws, the Blues remain above the ten point mark.

Q2 (6′) 22-14

The Poles put a 5-0 to the Blues. Collet directly takes a time-out.

Q2 (7′) 22-9

The French defense continues to asphyxiate the Poles and Gobert, on a big dunk, gives 13 lengths in advance.

Q2 (8′) 20-9

Hit three points! The Blues hurt the Poles very badly at the start of the second quarter and the gap has already widened.

Q2 (9′) 17-9

The Blues score from the start and take an eight-point lead.

End of Q1 – 15-9

The Blues are ahead at the end of the first quarter! In a padlocked match and for the moment draft, the French dug a small gap, in particular thanks to an always precious Yabusele.

Q1 (1′) – 15-9

Fournier gets in the legs and scores in penetration.

Q1 (2′) 13-9

Slaughter’s long range answer! He has a warm hand the Pole.

Q1 (2′) – 13-6

In this trench warfare, the Blues made a first gap, notably on a new three-pointer from Yabusele.

Q1 (4′) – 8-5

Slaughter finds the crosshairs behind the bow.

Q1 (5′) 8-2

Les Bleus continue to defend very hard and Fournier, at three points, gives us a six-point lead.

Q1 (6′) 5-2

Yabusele score still in the paint. Behind, Gobert is guilty of a forceful passage, but the Blues are very well back in their game defensively!

Q1 (7′) 3-2

The three points of Yabusele to start the match of the Blues!

Q1 (9′) – 0-2

Already two losses of balls in two possessions for the Blues.

Q1 -Let’s go for this semi-final!

The Blues are 40 minutes away – or even a little more knowing this French team – from a place in the final!

The five major of the Blues

Albicy – Tarpey – Fournier – Yabusele – Gobert

The anthems resound in Berlin

Start of the meeting in just over five minutes!

“We have c… huge!”, the relief of the Blues after the victory in the quarter

After having already been miraculous in the round of 16 of the Euro against Turkey, the Blues once again went through a mouse hole in the quarter against Italy on Wednesday. As shown in behind-the-scenes images of this meeting shot by the France team, the relief was enormous in the locker room.

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All you need to know about Poland, the feeling of the competition

After creating a surprise in the quarter-finals by eliminating Slovenia’s Luka Doncic, the Poles are writing one of the most beautiful pages in their history. For RMC Sport, Mathieu Wojciechowski, current CSP Limoges winger and Polish international a dozen times, details everything you need to know about the selection.

“They have a base, for several years, of players who are performing well in Europe and in Poland. Ponitka, Cel, Slaughter, Sokolowski… There are five or six players who have been there for years in international competition, so they know how play and how it goes. The leaders have done a tremendous job since the start of the competition. Many observers believe that France is not a team, they lose a lot of balls. It’s a style opposition between a team that has crazy players in each position and another that has less talent but plays square basketball.”

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After two stunning successes against Turkey and Italy, the French basketball team faces Poland this Friday in the semi-finals of Eurobasket. The goal is clear for Evan Fournier’s teammates: to play a second consecutive international final. The match will kick off at 5:15 p.m. at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

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