LIVE – Hamraoui case: Aminata Diallo in pre-trial detention after her indictment

Diallo designated as “sponsor” by the other suspects

According to the Versailles prosecutor’s office, Aminata Diallo is implicated by the four other suspects indicted. She is designated as being the “sponsor of the violence to allow her to occupy the position of the victim during future competitions”.

Aminata Diallo in pre-trial detention

Aminata Diallo requested a deferred defeat to prepare her defense before the judge of freedoms and detention. In the meantime, the former Paris Saint-Germain player is placed in pre-trial detention, according to a source familiar with the matter at BFMTV.

Aminata Diallo indicted

Aminata Diallo is indicted for aggravated violence and criminal association in the case of the attack on Kheira Hamraoui. The investigating judge requested his placement in pre-trial detention, according to a source familiar with the matter at BFMTV.

Four other suspects, men suspected of having participated in the attack, were also indicted on the same charges.

The prosecution requested the provisional detention of Diallo

The prosecution requested the provisional detention of Aminata Diallo, on the basis of serious and concordant indications, in particular incriminating telephone tapping, according to a source close to the file at BFMTV. The decision to indict her now rests with the investigating judge who must meet her. For his possible incarceration during the investigation, it will be up to a JLD (liberty and detention judge) to decide.

Still according to BFMTV, in police custody this morning, Aminata Diallo first denied any involvement, before asserting her right to silence. In addition, one of the four other suspects in the case has just been indicted for criminal association, intentional violence with a weapon, with premeditation and in a meeting. He asked for four days to prepare his defense before seeing the JLD, but in the meantime he is placed in pre-trial detention.

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Aminata Diallo’s police custody ended, she is referred for a possible indictment

Aminata Diallo’s custody is over. According to sources close to the investigation at BFMTV, she has just arrived in court and will be presented to the investigating judge in the afternoon.

There are now three possibilities:

  • The judge let her go free
  • The judge places her under assisted witness status
  • The judge charges her

In the latter case, if the judge makes a request for a warrant of committal, she will have to meet a judge of freedoms and detention who will decide whether there should be provisional detention or judicial review.

As for the four other suspects, they were referred this morning and are being presented to the investigating judge. The prosecutor’s office of Versailles requested in their case a placement in pre-trial detention in the event of indictment. For Diallo, the prosecution has not yet issued any requisitions.

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A PSG press conference at 10 a.m.

A press conference for the PSG women’s team is scheduled for this Friday at 10 a.m., on the eve of the trip to Rodez (Saturday, 2:30 p.m., 2nd day of the championship).

What we know about the arrest of Aminata Diallo

Aminata Diallo, former PSG midfielder, was arrested at her home on Friday morning. She was placed in police custody for the second time in this case since she had already heard for 40 hours just after the attack on the one who was then her teammate in November 2021.

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Almost a year later, she finds herself again in the crosshairs of the investigators. According to information gathered by RMC, it is indeed the trail of a rivalry between the two players which is at the heart of the case. Investigators are still trying to find out if this attack was committed and sponsored against a backdrop of sporting or private rivalry.

Aminata Diallo was therefore arrested at her home this Friday morning by the police officers of the BRB of the DRPJ of Versailles. She must again explain her alleged involvement in this affair. The player – who left PSG at the end of last season and who plans to attack the club – had already been questioned at length shortly after the attack. At the time, she came out free and without any prosecution, claiming her innocence.

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Welcome to our live to follow all the information on the investigation of the attack on Kheira Hamraoui, PSG midfielder. This has accelerated in recent days with the placement in police custody of five people. This concerns in particular Aminata Diallo, former teammate of Hamraoui, who was arrested at her home this Friday morning.

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