LIVE – Laporte-Altrad trial: Laporte will find it difficult to continue at the helm of FFR, according to Oudéa-Castéra

Florian Grill, leader of the opposition to the FFR, called for new elections and, in an interview with AFP, called for the federation’s steering committee to resign following Bernard Laporte’s verdict.

“It’s unprecedented in rugby, it’s an earthquake: we’ve never seen a federation president sentenced to two years in prison, even if it’s suspended. It’s a shock. We’re light years away from everyday rugby, village rugby, club rugby. .. At Ovale Ensemble we think the forty members of the steering group should draw the conclusions and step down”, explained Grill. “Justice has spoken, but now the clubs have to speak, give their opinion to allow governance, whatever it is that regain legitimacy through an election,” the opponent added.

The president of the FFR Bernard Laporte was sentenced on Tuesday to two years’ probation and a fine of 75,000 euros, after being found guilty of five of the six offenses for which he was prosecuted, including passive corruption and influence peddling. benefit of Mohed Altrad, chairman of the Montpellier club. But at this stage he is saving the head of the FFR: the court has decided to ban him from any function in rugby for two years, but this additional penalty is not enforceable and will therefore be suspended while his appeal is heard. by his lawyers.

“Everyone seems to forget each other, but the body that runs French rugby is the governing body. And this governing body failed: it made a ghostly bourgeois party, it signed a letter of support while the FFR was a civil party, he advanced Bernard Laporte’s legal fees , he did France 2023 very badly with the consequences as we know… The mistakes are extremely heavy and extremely regular. look them in the eye and take the right decision: step down to allow the clubs to have their say and have the final say, Grill continued.

“The resignation of the governing group can make it possible to hold elections at the end of February-beginning of March. That is what is needed today, because otherwise we will be in a destructive climate, a bit of a mess, until the World Cup . An election would have the benefit of bringing everyone back into agreement and giving legitimacy to the winning team. We need that at all costs to preserve the World Cup and France’s XV”, he further explained.

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