LIVE – Le Graët case: “It’s going to end badly”, major concern at FFF before Comex

Philippe Lafrique has arrived

Member of Comex, he is president of the Creuse district and responsible in particular for Futsal.

Hardouin/Le Graët, war

The tension is high in the corridors of FFF, according to the employees. Many work remotely, but it talks in Whatsapp discussion loops. They are all trying to figure out what will happen today.

Florence Hardouin also monopolizes the discussions and her future is much commented on internally. On Tuesday, as reported by RMC, she strongly criticized and commented on Le Graët’s behavior during a steering group of the FFF with the body’s leaders. “She’s on a mission,” says a union leader.

Her, who is very close to Philippe Diallo, vice-chairman of the FFF, dreams of seeing him take the head of the Federation in the coming days. And even during the interview for the audit on Tuesday, in front of the inspectors, Florence Hardouin destroyed Noël Le Graët. “There will be no feeling, it will end badly,” says an employee.

N. Pelletier

Noël Le Graët plays his future before the Comex of the FFF

The mood seems to be quite tense this Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the French Football Federation. The members of the executive committee require explanations from the chairman. “We need to talk to each other,” one of them blurted out to RMC. On the menu for the discussions: the 4-year extension of Didier Deschamps at the head of the Blues, which was not discussed in the Comex, presented with a fait accompli. A method that has offended several members. It will also be a matter of governance: the open war between Le Graët and its director general, Florence Hardouin, seems to have become unsustainable. Comex is also awaiting explanations of Le Graët’s last speech on the RMC regarding Zinedine Zidane, as well as testimony from agent Sonia Souid, who revealed the president’s very clear advances against her, SMS and voicemails in support How Le Graët intends to defend himself Can he stay in office Will he resigns Can an interim government be introduced The first answers to these questions are expected by noon.

Loic Briley

Deschamps’ new contract divides the FFF

According to daily information The team, The French Football Federation’s executive committee, which meets on Wednesday morning, could study the renewal until 2026 of the contract with Deschamps. The members of Comex feel rather bad about not having been involved in the discussions about the duration of this renewal. There is no question of questioning the contract and even less of breaking it, only of changing it, of making adjustments to it, clarifies the daily newspaper L’Equipe. One of the options being considered is to return to a two-year contract, which was Noël Le Graët’s original wish. Another avenue explored could be to provide for a tacit agreement of mutual freedom if the new president of the FFF, elected in 2024, wants to change coaches or if Didier Deschamps wants to regain his freedom.

Hello and welcome to this new live about the crisis in FFF

This Wednesday morning, it is a Christmas Eve Le Graët in turmoil, which gathers its executive committee (comex) in an extraordinary way. The irreplaceable president of the FFF since 2011 is facing strong opposition since he made outrageous remarks and lack of class about Zinedine Zidane on Sunday night at the RMC in Bartoli Time. He also apologized to the person in question on Monday morning. But it is also called into question the review of the sports minister, who no longer hides his opposition to Le Graët, in the SMS affair, especially after Sonia Souid’s strong testimony on BFMTV. His express renewal of Didier Deschamps as coach on Saturday, without referring to his relatives, also has part of his close guard, which intends to keep him accountable while he is dropped from all sides, to the highest peak of the state. You have been able to follow the first twists and turns of the Le Graët store since Saturday, the rest is here.

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