LIVE – Ligue 1: the Auxerrois snatch the equalizer on the wire in Troyes in the derby

Troyes and Auxerre leave on a draw in the derby

Superior and more threatening, Troyes thought they would get a deserved victory at the Aube stadium. Where Auxerre finally went to snatch the equalizer thanks to Gaëtan Perrin (1-1), and a decisive Benoît Costil at the end of the game. A point with a bitter taste for ESTAC (12th), which misses a good opportunity to integrate the first part of the table. Christophe Pélissier and AJA (14th) get them a major draw away in a duel between direct competitors for maintenance at the end of the season.

The last cartridge for Troyes?

Last corner for ESTAC, hit on the right by Bruus. His cross is only slightly deflected by Porozo’s header, and the Auxerre defense manages to break free afterwards.

Costil still decisive in the finish! (1-1)

The Auxerre goalkeeper keeps his team in the game at the end of the match, and pulls out a new parade! On a half-volley placed small net from Porozo, Costil relaxes full length to get this goal ball!

Additional time and substitution

Five minutes of extra time was announced by the fourth referee. Meanwhile, Bruus took the place of T. Baldé on the Trojan side.

Costil’s big parade! (1-1)

Troyes pushes to go back in front and gets a big situation by the inevitable Mama Baldé. Found by a deflection of the head, the attacker imposes himself in power on the right in the surface and unleashes an overpowered shot that Costil removes from under his bar!


Perrin scored his second Ligue 1 goal of the season.


The Auxerrois equalize in the last minutes of play on a superb attack! Autret launches Sinayoko on the left with a magnificent pass which breaks the line. The last city centers on the ground for Perrin, who opens his right foot perfectly to send the ball into the opposite side netting!

Mensah pushes back on his line! (1-0)

The goal of the break was not far away for ESTAC and Odobert, who pierced the defense and entered the area before slipping the ball under Costil. Mensah makes a decisive return and releases this ball which was spinning towards the goal!

Change for Auxerre

Charbonnier has spent a lot of time and gives up his place, exhausted. He is replaced by Dugimont.

Ripart right next door! (1-0)

What a game of delivery from Mama Baldé, served with a ball high towards the surface and which passes to Ripart from the chest despite the opposing pressure. The last city quickly triggers a half-volley which passes a few centimeters too far to the right!

Change for the Trojans

Larouci takes the place of Conté. ESTAC retains its system and its five-man defense.

Another cartridge wasted by the Auxerrois

Eccentric free kick on the left, struck by Autret. His ball is not lifted enough and easily returned by Palmer-Brown in the distance.

New change for AJA

Autret comes into play for the last quarter of an hour, it is Nuno Costa who gives up his place. Sinayoko climbs a notch to accompany Charbonnier in attack.

Yellow card for Ripart

Guilty of a spectacular and clumsy foul on Nuno Costa near the touchline, Ripart receives a deserved yellow.

Ripart finds the frame

Shot on target for ESTAC and newcomer Ripart, who receives the ball in front of the right corner of the Auxerre surface and quickly triggers a half-volley from the left. Costil lays down well on this low shot to the ground.

Volley blocked for Mama Baldé

Good opening towards Odobert on the left, which offers a sharp call. He comes back on his right foot to center towards the penalty spot, where Mama Baldé volleys. Jubal steps in close to counter.

Change for Auxerre

Perrin enters the place of Hein for the Burgundians.

Double change for Troyes

Ripart and Odobert enter, striker Rony Lopes and Ugbo exit.

Penalty whistled… then judged! (1-0)

Mr. Gaillouste had first designated the penalty spot on this foul by Mensah on Baldé. But after verification by the video, this fault was indeed committed outside the surface. Free kick to follow, which gives nothing.

The post for Raveloson! (1-0)

AJA thought they had finally equalized, but the post decided otherwise! On a ball pushed back by the defense, Raveloson triggers a grazing firecracker from the right which hits the opposite amount head-on!

Auxerre is pushing but still clumsy

The pressure increases around the surface of Gallon, the Trojans are less aggressive behind. The Auxerrois are gaining confidence but still have not shot on target this evening, and wasting a few opportunities like this very badly played corner on a failed combination.

Sinayoko embarrassed a few meters from goal! (1-0)

The Auxerrois get a very good situation while Mensah is launched on the left. His cross grazing towards the surface is towards Sinayoko who cuts at the near post but, embarrassed by the return of Salmier, this one takes over a few meters from the goal!

AJA in search of equalization

The Auxerrois returned with the intention of quickly making the opposing block suffer, which slides well in front and contains the first attempts at Burgundian offensives.

Here we go again at the Aube stadium! (1-0)

No change to note at the break, we leave with the same.

It’s the break at the Aube stadium! (1-0)

Rather balanced first period at the Aube stadium, where Troyens and Auxerrois will have alternated their highlights. But it was ESTAC, thanks to a small festival from their in-form man Mama Baldé and a goal from Rony Lopes (28th), who returned to the locker room with a narrow lead. Les Troyens had found Benoît Costil’s bar a few minutes earlier (26th).

Porozo not far from regaining the lead

Fifth corner of the game for ESTAC, played on the left by Baldé. His returning center is in a dangerous zone, but Porozo is a short hair to regain the lead.

Sinayoko does not catch the frame

Corner for AJA on the right. Sakhi centers hard towards the near post, where Sinayoko takes over as best he can. Out of balance, his right shin volley is off target.


Troyes have not won any of their last 5 Ligue 1 games (3 draws, 2 losses), having won 3 of their previous 5 (1 draw, 1 loss).

The Trojan defense at the level

The Trojans have been under pressure from the Auxerrois since the opener, and must contain the opposing attacks. The defense at 5 auboise is holding up well for the moment, thanks in particular to three very attentive centrals behind.


This is Rony Lopes’ second goal this season in Ligue 1.


Troyes finds the fault after a superb attack! Mama Baldé struggles on the left side and eliminates Raveloson with speed and power after a double contact. He crosses well back for Rony Lopes who takes over without control and pierces Costil on the right on the ground!

The bar, then the Costil parade! (0-0)

The Trojans are twice on the verge of opening the scoring! First on a blocked shot from Rony Lopes that bounced off the crossbar from Costil. Then on the corner that follows, the repelled ball returns to Chavalerin who arms a low shot that the Auxerre goalkeeper pushes back on his line!


Troyes have not won any of their last 7 matches in the top flight against Auxerrois (2 draws, 5 defeats), their last victory dating back to October 13, 2001 (3-1 in Yonne).

Superb inspiration from Hein

AJA grew bolder and put more and more pressure on the Trojan surface. On a placed attack, Sinayoko is shifted to the right and can center mid-height. Huh shot at the first post and tries a superb Madjer, which does not pass so far from the opposite post.

AJA close to opening! (0-0)

It is Hein who takes care of the free kick obtained. At 20 meters, the Auxerrois hits directly, his blocked shot goes for a corner. On this one, Jeanvier manages to uncross his head at the far post, which passes a few centimeters too far to the left!

Yellow card for Salmier

First card of the game for Salmier, taken by the speed of Da Costa. The defender mows the attacker not far from his surface.

Charbonnier’s whim

Raveloson has space in front of him and advances to the right. He stops in his tracks to adjust a center towards the surface and Charbonnier, who cuts at the near post and resumes with a header, above.

Sakhi less precise than last week

Author of a splendid goal last weekend with a light strike, Sakhi tries his hand at the exercise to try to do it again. His distant attempt flies away.

The Trojans pierce in the axis

Superb ride in the axis of Rony Lopes, who manages to shift Baldé to the right. This crosses towards his namesake Mama Baldé, who fails to get into position to arm.

At ESTAC the initiative

At home, the Trojans are the most pressing in these first minutes of play. Mama Baldé, confident after her double in Paris this weekend, has shown a lot since the start.

First corner for the Trojans

Hit returning to the penalty spot, the badly repelled ball arrives at Mama Baldé who arms while turning around. An Auxerrois against in his area.

Let’s go to the Aube stadium! (0-0)

It was the Trojans who kicked off this opening match of the 14th day of Ligue 1!

Kick-off is imminent!

The players make their entrance on the lawn of the Aube stadium, accompanied by the referee of the meeting, Pierre Gaillouste.

Surfing the new Pélissier wave

Appointed on October 26, the new coach of Auxerre Christophe Pélissier has the mission of breathing new life into AJA. It had started well for his big first, and a narrow 1-0 success against AC Ajaccio to get out of the red zone. A good omen for the future, and the pass of two tonight? The Burgundians have not chained two successes in a row since the end of August between the 3rd and 4th day of L1.

ESTAC in the continuity of its last Parisian outing?

The Trojans necessarily still have in mind this incredible performance released at the Parc des Princes last weekend, where the partners of Mama Baldé (doubled) almost played a bad trick on PSG (4-3 defeat). Like their performance at the Parc, ESTAC produced a consistent game, although victory was rare – only one in the last eight days (4 draws, 3 losses).

Duel between direct competitors

This meeting opposes two clubs in search of maintenance at the end of the season. Separated by a small unit in the standings, Troyes and Auxerre need points in an extremely tight bottom of the table.

Goodnight all !

And welcome to our site to follow live commentary on the meeting between Troyes (12th, 13 points) and Auxerre (16th, 12 points), at the start of the 14th day of Ligue 1. Kick-off scheduled for 9 p.m.!

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