LIVE – Lorient-PSG: The Parisians remain undefeated and consolidate their status as leaders

It’s over, PSG wins ahead of Lorient (2-1)

The final whistle sounds in Lorient, it’s over! Paris won thanks to Neymar (9′) and Danilo (81′). A precious success on the lawn of a good Lorient team.

3 minutes of additional time

There will be three more minutes of happiness at the Stade du Moustoir. Three minutes to hold for Paris, three minutes to push for Lorient.

Lorient push to equalize

The Hakes are not discouraging at the end of the game. Interesting free kick. The Fairy takes care of it but it misses.

Mbappé slightly injured?

The exit of Mbappé is explained by a “small tension in the adductors”. The Frenchman is in discussion with the medical staff. He’s going back to the locker room.

Double change for Paris, Mbappé leaves his place

Mbappé and Danilo Pereira leave the lawn. Pablo Sarabia and Nordi Mukiele come into play.


PSG regains the advantage! On a good corner taken by Neymar, Danilo rises higher than everyone and propels the leather into Mannone’s cages. Paris is again in front! 2-1.

Ouattara touched in the area, no penalty

Contact between Hakimi and Ouattara in the area. The Moroccan pushes the winger slightly. No penalty.

Hakimi takes a yellow

The Moroccan is in the race with Aouchiche and illegally catches up with him. It also takes a yellow.

Bernat and Soler come into play

Galtier will respond to Le Bris with change too. Soler and Bernat will come into play. Ekitike will leave his place, Mendes too.

Mbappé collapses in the box

On his left side, Mbappé enters the area. Caught up by Innocent, the Frenchman collapses and demands a penalty. Well placed, the referee judges that there is no fault (and rather rightly so).

Change for Lorient

The Hakes are about to make a double change. Aouchiche and Diarra will come into play. It is Ouattara and Ponceau who will give way.

Ramos magnifying the frame

Barely entered the game, Renato Sanches kicks a good corner in the direction of Sergio Ramos. However, it goes over the top for the Spaniard.

Paris is looking for solutions

Christophe Galtier moves on his bench. Renato Sanches will take Vitinha’s place. First change for Paris.

Innocent cuts out Neymar

The Lorient midfielder catches up with Neymar but his intervention is irregular. First cracker of the game.

It goes over for Vitinha

The Portuguese tries his luck 25 meters from Mannone’s cages. His attempt, however, goes way over the top. Always 1-1.

Neymar displays his talent

The Brazilian is very big at Moustoir and gratifies us with some high-flying gestures. Joga bonito.

Lorient climbs back onto the podium

With this point of draw, the Merlus temporarily climb back on the podium while waiting for Rennes at 3 p.m.

Mbappé well contained

Speed ​​is not enough for Mbappé to make the difference this time around. The Frenchman is squeezed by Kalulu and Ouattara, it’s well done from Lorient.

The double close for Moffi!

PSG is going through an empty period and Lorient seems to be taking advantage of its newfound confidence. Moffi is found back and opens his foot. His attempt finds Donnarumma’s bar, saved by his upright as he was beaten. What action!

Moffi completely revives Lorient!

Lorient is back in the game! On a school action, Moffi is served by Le Fée and perfectly deceives Donnarumma with an unstoppable shot. 1-1, everything is to be redone!

Three Parisians warming up

Galtier sent three players to the warm-up: Juan Bernat, Renato Sanches and Pablo Sarabia. Change to come on the Parisian side?

Ramos comes to cut a good counter from Lorient

The Fairy is facing the game and tries to serve Moffi in depth. This is without counting on Ramos who had read the trajectory of the pass well.

Nuno Mendes solid on his side

The left side of PSG leaves no space for Ouattara. It is difficult for the Lorient revelation.

No changes to report

No changes at the break, the two coaches trust the same players.

Here we go again

The game resumes, here we go again. 45 minutes to widen the gap for PSG or come back to score for Lorient.

It’s the break, Paris in front (0-1)!

Half-time is whistled at the Moustoir! Paris are ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a goal from Neymar (9′), his 15th of the season in all competitions. PSG had opportunities to break but have not yet taken shelter.

Neymar drags his leg

Great opportunity for Lorient with an interesting free kick obtained after a foul by Neymar on Ponceau. It’s not very well negotiated unfortunately for the Hakes.

Kalulu keeps Lorient alive!

Huge opportunity for PSG and it takes a very good intervention on the Kalulu line to prevent Ekitike from doubling the lead. Lack of success for the French.

Ekitike stumbles on Mannone

Paris is on the attack at the end of the first half. After a corner, Danilo serves Ekitike whose shot is a little too soft to worry Mannone. It does not smile on the 20-year-old striker at the moment.

Ponceau wastes ammunition for Lorient!

Good combination from Lorient on the side. Le Goff serves back Ponceau. The body of the attacking midfielder is a little too far back and his shot flies over Donnarumma’s cages.

The solid Parisian defense

After Danilo, it is Nuno Mendes who takes over Kalulu well on the left side. For the moment, the Hakes are struggling to endanger PSG.

Danilo strong in defense

Back in defense, Danilo cuts off a dangerous cross from Ouattara. Good intervention from the Portuguese.

Mannone wins ahead of Mbappé!

The Parisians accelerate to double the bet. Mbappé goes faster than everyone on the left side. His shot at the near post is well anticipated by Mannone.

The big opportunity for Ekitike!

On an excellent serve from Neymar, Ekitike opens his foot too much when the Frenchman was in an ideal position to make the break. It goes above.

Verratti vigilant in front of Moffi

The shots to be played will come from Parisian ball losses for Lorient. The Fairy orchestrates a good offensive, Ouattara serves Moffi but Verratti is on the trajectory.

The game goes left at PSG

The Parisians often switch to the left in attack. We prioritize the side of Nuno Mendes to come and bring danger in the defense of the Hakes.

Marquinhos takes over Moffi well

A lot of vigilance in the coverage of PSG defenders. Taken two by Sergio Ramos and Marquinhos on Moffi. Good intervention from the Brazilian to cut off the Lorient striker.

A lawn not obvious

A few small lawn boots are lying around and the state of the ground is already deteriorating a little bit. We’re going to need a bit of a brush from the gardener at halftime.

Lorient must start from very low

The Parisians force Lorient to take refuge in their last meters. The Hakes occupy the width of the field to revive but the hard work of the PSG in the pressing pays off at the start of the meeting.

Small mess in the defense of PSG

Lorient accelerates with Le Bris on the side. The ball arrives in the area, the trajectory seems a priori innocuous for Donnarumma but Marquinhos comes in front of the Italian and creates a small mess. More fear than harm for Parisians.

Mannone makes his debut with Lorient

The Italian goalkeeper is making his big debut with Lorient. First touches of the ball for the former resident of Monaco who must quickly gain confidence.

PSG in control

The opener was good for PSG, a little less for Lorient. The Parisians put their foot on the ball and retain technical control of the game. It is difficult for Hakes to recover the leather.

First assist for Ekitike

This could release the striker on loan from Reims. Ekitike delivered his first decisive pass under the Parisian tunic.

Mannone replaces Mvogo

First forced change for Lorient with the entry of Mannone in place of Mvogo after several minutes of interruption of play.

Double blow for Lorient?

Mvogo seems to have injured himself. We seem to be heading for a replacement as Mannone prepares to make his debut.

Neymar opens the scoring for PSG!

Paris passes in front on a huge technical error from the Lorient goalkeeper. Neymar forces Mvogo to make a mistake on his raise. The ball lands at the feet of Ekitike who hands it over to the Brazilian. Parisian number 10 allows Parisians to pass!

Donnarumma wins ahead of Le Fée

Served back by Moffi, Le Fée fires a shot near the surface. His attempt is too crushed to worry Donnarumma.

Nuno Mendes sets fire

On the left side, Nuno Mendes is already very active. The Portuguese goes deep and serves Neymar behind. Mvogo comes out well and wins ahead of the Brazilian.

A hand claimed by Lorient

On a corner, the trajectory of the ball ends on Vitinha’s arm. The hand is glued to the body and the referee of the meeting does not flinch. No penalty.

Lorient on the attack

The first offensives of the Merlus swept over the Parisian cages. The corners are linked but the PSG repels the danger.

First corner for Lorient

Nice first outing from Lorient, Ouattara is found on the side and gets a first corner.

PSG with three defenders?

On these first seconds of play, Danilo is in the left axis of the defense, alongside Marquinhos and Sergio Ramos.

The Parisient put their foot on the ball

From the outset, the Parisians spin the ball. First sequence of possession.

Let’s go !

The kick-off is given at the Stade du Moustoir, it’s off to Lorient-PSG, the first clash of Sunday before OM-OL tonight.

Kick-off imminent

The kick-off of this Lorient-PSG is approaching. Both teams prepare to enter the pitch.

Solutions on the bench of both teams

The bench of Parisians: Rico, Bernat, Mukiele, Bitshiabu, Renato Sanches, Soler, Zaire-Emery, Gharbi and Sarabia.

The hake bench: Mannone, Matsima, Ngameni, Boisgard, Aouchiche, Diarra, Koné, Cathline and Doucouré.

The compositions have fallen, Ekitike holder on the Parisian side

PSG starting XI: Donnarumma – Hakimi, Ramos, Marquinhos, Mendes – Verratti, Danilo, Vitinha – Neymar – Ekitike, Mbappe.

Lorient starting XI: Mvogo – Kalulu, Laporte, Talbi, Le Goff – Innocent, Le Fée – Le Bris, Ponceau, Ouattara – Moffi.

The probable composition, towards a tenure of Ekitike

Several changes expected in the starting 11 of Christophe Galtier. With the absence of Presnel Kimpembe, the Marquinhos-Ramos duo should once again be aligned. Nuno Mendes is tipped to start on the left. Fabian Ruiz’s injury will undoubtedly benefit Danilo, who would be positioned as a sentry. In attack, a doubt remains in the absence of Messi. It will be played between Ekitike and Sarabia. The French start with a slight advantage.

Donnarumma – Mendes, Marquinhos, Ramos, Mukiele – Danilo, Verratti, Vitinha – Neymar – Mbappe, Ekitike.


How to manage the internationals before the World Cup?

Christophe Galtier spoke about this deadline for the World Cup which is coming and which many of his players are thinking about.

Lionel Messi, victim of an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, is forfeited.

Kick off at 1 p.m.

It’s a rarity: PSG are playing Sunday’s match at 1 p.m. this weekend, for the 14th day of Ligue 1. The Parisians are traveling to Lorient, currently fourth after their start to the season.

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