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Three days of national mourning declared in Brazil

The Brazilian government has declared three days of national mourning in the country following Pelé’s death on Thursday from colon cancer. The entire nation mourns its “King”, three-time world champion and perceived as the greatest player of all time.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has decreed three days of mourning for the death of the legendary footballer Pelé on Thursday in a decree published in the Official Gazette. “Official mourning is decreed throughout the country (…), a sign of respect after the death of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé”, after cancer at the age of 82, we can read in this decree.

Zagallo pays tribute to ‘the greatest of all’

Zagallo, Pelé’s teammate during Brazil’s 1958 and 1962 World Cups, then coach during the 1970 coronation, paid tribute on Thursday on Instagram to the memory of the “greatest of all”, following Pelé’s death aged 82.

“My friend, with whom I have shared so many stories, victories and titles, leaves an eternal and unforgettable legacy,” wrote Zagallo, 91, one of only three to win the World Cup as a player and coach with Germany’s Franz Beckenbauer and the French Didier Deschamps.

Wake Monday and funeral Tuesday in Santos

A funeral will be organized on Monday in Santos following Pelé’s death. The Brazilian legend will then be buried the next day in Santos, a city located in the state of Sao Paulo.

More information here.

Ronaldo: ‘Your legacy transcends generations’

Ronaldo: “What a privilege to follow you my friend. Your talent is a school every player should go through. Your legacy transcends generations. And so it will live on. Today and always, we will celebrate you. Thank you. Thank you, Pelé. Rest in peace.”

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Vinicius: ‘You will always be my reference’

Vinicius: “King, majesty, role model. Pelé is love, generosity. The player who changed football, the greatest of all, has left us. Always affection and motivation towards me. I have read and saved all the messages you sent me , when you supported me in a tender moment or when you celebrated my achievements.

“And what an honor to have honored you during the celebration of my first World Cup goal. Pride defines pride. Fortunately, I was able to say in life how you will always be my reference. Your legacy will never be forgotten.”

Platini “very, very moved”

Michel Platini (L’Equipe): “He was Monsieur Football, the history of football, the discovery of football, the whole of football. In 1970 I was 15 years old and I had grown up with his figure in my imagination. My father spoke to me about Pelé, and at school I also signed “Peléatini” (smiles). Although we didn’t always see him play, we only talked about him. He was no longer a man, he was no longer a football player, he was the god of football. (…) I am very, very moved. This is my life. This is my story. This is Pelé. These are my dreams. I saw his goals, his achievements and I never forgot his World Cup in 1970 .”

Lula: “Few Brazilians have carried the name of our country as far as he does”

Lula, President of Brazil: “I had the privilege that young Brazilians did not have: I saw Pelé play, live, in Pacaembu and Morumbi. Play, no. I saw Pelé give a show. Because when he received the ball, he always did . something special which often ended in a goal.”

“I admit that I was angry with Pelé because he always slaughtered my Corinthians. But above all, I admired him. And the anger quickly gave way to the passion to see him play with the number 10 of the Brazilian national team. “

“Few Brazilians have carried our country’s name as far as he does. As different from Portuguese as the language was, foreigners from all over the world quickly found a way to pronounce the magic word: ‘Pelé’.”

Deschamps: “Pelé was the alliance between beauty and efficiency”

Didier Deschamps: “With the disappearance of Pelé, football has lost one of its most beautiful legends, if not the most beautiful. Like all legends, the king seemed immortal. He made people dream and continued to create generations and generations of fans of our sport. Who has not dreamed, as a child, of being Pelé? With his number 10, he put his technical virtuosity, his audacity, his creativity at the service of his teams and in particular of Brazil, with whom he won three World Cups. Pelé was the beauty and the Alliance of Efficiency. His talent and his achievements will remain etched in our memories forever. To his family, loved ones and the Brazilian people, I send my sincere condolences and all my condolences. The King will remain the King forever.”

Hilton: “It was the strongest”

Vitorino Hilton (RMC): “As a Brazilian, I have seen other exceptional players in football. Pelé, I have not seen him play in real life, only on video. But these pictures are enough to know that he was the strongest. “

Larqué recounts the day he played against the legend “who invented football”

The news dropped on Thursday night and all soccer fans are bound to have a bleeding heart, whether they knew Pelé or not… The Brazilian legend died at the age of 82. Jean-Michel Larqué saw the king of soccer play. He even had the opportunity to confront him. He tells this anecdote about RMC.

>> Larqué’s tribute to Pelé

“We all discovered a great Brazilian team at the World Cup in 1958. Pelé was 17. We wondered how football could be played so well at that age. He had lit up this World Cup with all his quality, all his brilliant world, and it was only the beginning of a great adventure. I had the chance to play against him, for a few minutes, during the inauguration of the Nocturnes in Colombes, which had been a gala match with a selection of Saint-Etienne and Marseille, in 1971, against Santos. Pelé was in full glory after his third world title. There was a small trophy at stake for this gala match. At the end of regular time we were tied. Penalties are coming. He is the first for Santos. The second for Santos. .. again Pelé. We explained to him that we needed five different shooters! He would be good to beat the five! It was a bit like the end of his career, he was 31 years old. It was a genius he recited not football, he invented football.”

Neymar: ‘Pelé changed everything’

Neymar on Instagram: “Before Pelé, 10 was just a number. I read this sentence somewhere, at some point in my life. But this beautiful sentence is incomplete.
I would say that before Pelé, football was just a sport. Pelé changed everything. He turned football into art, into entertainment. He gave a voice to the poor, to blacks and above all: he gave visibility to Brazil. Soccer and Brazil have raised their status thanks to the king!
He is gone, but his magic will remain. Pele is FOREVER!”

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LFP adapts its protocol

LFP adapts its pre-match protocol: A minute’s applause will honor King Pelé’s memory just before OM-Toulouse and Nice-Lens (9pm).

Noël Le Graët on BFMTV: “Pelé had everything, he is incomparable”

Noël Le Graët, president of the FFF, on BFMTV: “I admired him, I’m a bit his age. He’s complete, he’s such a respectable man, that’s important in life, he’s always been handsome, sincere, respectful . There are no others like this. It is the disappearance of a giant player, there is no one else at this level. A tribute from the FFF “From tomorrow we will contact the Brazilian Federation, I will send someone to Brazil to be close to his family . You call him King Pelé and you are right, he had everything: technique, goals, class, elegance is incomparable. A man of his quality who behaves exemplary after a phenomenal and worldwide career, he is a man respected by the whole world. Technically he is still incomparable today, he is above the rest. His life has been exemplary.”

Cristiano Ronaldo: “A reference from yesterday, today, forever”

“My deepest condolences to all of Brazil, and in particular to the family of Mr. Edson Arantes do Nascimento. A simple ‘farewell’ to the eternal king Pelé will never be enough to express the pain that grips everyone in football at this moment. A inspiration for so many millions of people, a reference of yesterday, today, forever. The affection he always showed me was mutual in all the moments we shared, even distance. He will never be forgotten and his memory will forever be etched in the memory of all of us football lovers. Rest in peace, King Pelé.”

>> Cristiano Ronaldo’s tribute to Pelé

Emmanuel Macron pays tribute to “The King”

“The Game. The King. Eternity,” the president of the republic, Emmanuel Macron, wrote on Twitter in response to Pelé’s death.

The legend’s last tweet

“Inspiration and love marked the adventures of King Pele, who died peacefully on this day. Love, love and love, forever.”

“Much more than the greatest sportsman of all time” for the Brazilian Football Confederation

“CBF mourns the passing of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé, this Thursday at the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. Pelé was much more than the greatest sportsman of all time. Our king of football was the greatest exponent of a victorious Brazil, winner that never been afraid in the face of difficulties. Black boy, poor and born in Three Hearts (“Três Corações”), Pelé showed us that there is always a new way. promised his father a World Cup and presented us with three , in addition to scoring 95 goals in 113 games with the yellow shirt. The King gave us a new Brazil and we can only thank his legacy.”

“All that we are is thanks to you”: a tribute by Pelé’s daughter to her father

Minutes after the official announcement of King Pelé’s death, his daughter, Kely Nascimento, posted a touching post on her Instagram account as a tribute to her father. We see the hands of the Brazilian’s relatives accompanied by a message: “Everything we are is thanks to you. We love you endlessly. Rest in peace.”

Screenshot of Pelé’s daughter Kely Nascimento writing on Instagram on December 29, 2022. © Screenshot

Awards, records, talent… Why Pelé is considered the greatest player in history

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A football legend is on the way

The king is no more. Pelé died on Thursday at the age of 82 and leaves the football planet with the status of many as the best player in the history of football. The only three-time winner of the World Cup, the Brazilian has multiplied records and left an indelible mark on the game. A portrait of a giant forever remembered.

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Pelé has died at the age of 82

King Pelé died on Thursday, December 29, 2022 at the age of 82, according to several Brazilian media, including the daily newspaper O Globo. Information confirmed by AFP and the family of the former Seleçao player.

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