LIVE – Pogba case: what Paul Pogba said to French investigators during his hearing

Currently in detention, Mathias Pogba released a new series of scheduled messages on Twitter very early this Friday morning. He denounces calumnies and still launches accusations against his brother Paul.

“If you are reading this message, it means that my bot will have done its automatic sending job, he writes. It also means that I am no longer free, either because of my brother’s henchmen, or because of the police. So the slanderous complaints to silence me will have worked.”

“I have several statements to make, it will be a bit long since I won’t have too much opportunity to express myself. In addition to this, you will find 2 other statements following, before arriving videos of revelations. Videos that you will also find in the media tab.”

So I specify, these statements prepared in advance are of my own free will and this time I will talk a little about the files. I have been stopped before, they will probably still try to stop me, or they will say that these messages do not come from me, as with the previous messages.

And maybe even in the end, under pressure, I’ll tell you that it’s not me talking. So don’t be fooled and above all, pay attention to the story.

Everyone wondered why I didn’t make my revelations directly, thinking it was to blackmail my brother, but what I wanted was for him to take responsibility for himself and fix his injustices.

Because one always hopes for his brother a reform. We want to believe that the brother we loved still exists. But when this brother comes to scoff at human life, even as part of his family, there is nothing left to hope for. That’s why I tried appeasement.

So let’s not mix things up, pressuring an innocent person to get something is blackmail, and I haven’t expected anything from my brother for a long time. The pressure on a culprit, an unjust is only a demand for justice and reparation of wrongs.

Or are whistleblowers blackmailers?!

And as everyone knows, justice is not the same for the rich and the poor, for the famous and the unknown. So yes, I denounce him by exposing his injustice to the world before I can no longer do so, because his hypocrisy is public.

So I’m going to speak, not for the money but for the injustice to stop. To stop taking bad people as heroes. So I’ll talk and then you can do what you want with me, since I was already condemned when my brother had decided.

Yes, there are Adebayor-like situations, but there are also the opposite situations, where families are the victims of tyrannical footballers.

Those who really want to understand, just try for a moment to put yourself in my shoes by considering that everything I say is true. Take the time to listen to everything I have to say, then you may understand what a deeply unhealthy being you are dealing with.

Someone willing to use the stories of real victims to portray themselves as victims. A person ready to step on everything and everyone, on his family, for his pleasure, his image and his success.”

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