Logan Paul is promoting a NFT game, it’s a huge scam

Despite his best efforts to stay out of controversy, Logan Paul finds himself at the heart of a new controversy. Youtuber Coffeezilla has actually published a study in three videos focusing on an NFT game that his counterpart has long promoted. Problem: The game in question looks like a massive scam.

Logan Paul via YouTube

We almost believed in the redemption of Logan Paul after the huge scandal that his 2017 video in the forest of Aokigahara had caused on YouTube. If no controversies (fortunately) have reached the level of the latter, it is a fact that the YouTuber always connects the controversies. We especially remember the anger of gamers over this video where Logan Paul embeds fifteen GameBoy Color in a resin table.

But today it seems that the American YouTube sphere is at the beginning of a new big scandal, triggered this time by a series of videos from another Youtuber, called Coffeezilla. Stephen Findeisen, his real name, actually led the investigation into CryptoZoo, a game that, as the name suggests, is based on cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and which Logan Paul Paul has long promoted.

What is CryptoZoo, the game backed by Logan Paul?

On its official website, CryptoZoo defines itself as a “autonomous ecosystem that enables ZooKeepers to buy, sell and trade exotic animals and hybrids. » If you’ve ever had fun hatching eggs in Pokemon, you already know more or less the principle. CryptoZoo therefore works as follows: Players buy Zoo coins, the in-game currency, and then buy eggs.

These eggs will then hatch and spawn a random animal. The animals will then breed among themselves, with the aim of obtaining the rarest possible hybrid species. Rare obviously means more expensive in the gaming world. The promise of CryptoZoo is actually being able to resell these animals to make money.

This promise, aided by the intensive support of Logan Paul and his community of millions of subscribers, made CryptoZoo skyrocket in popularity very quickly. According to Coffeezilla, the game has generated $2.5 million in revenue since 2021 from egg purchases alone, for a Zoo corner market worth $2 billion. Problem: The game itself is still unplayable.

CryptoZoo, a massive scam backed by Logan Paul

As is often the case in these kinds of stories, many users have spent thousands of dollars on the project, hoping for a significant return on investment. Thus, one of them leaves Coffeezilla to have lost almost 7000 dollars to the scam, while the application “never worked from the start and didn’t even say in the contract what you could actually earn with Zoo. »

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This is the whole problem: even today there is no way to claim your due on CryptoZoo. On the other hand, it is well and truly possible to spend your money there. Regarding purchased eggs, “it’s just a picture”explains another player. “I can’t do anything about it. It’s worth nothing at all.” It doesn’t stop there. According to Logan Paul, a developer of the project fled to Switzerland with the source code. He demands a million dollars from the creators in exchange.

Coffeezilla, on the other hand, offers a different explanation. According to his research, none of the company’s 30 employees received a salary during the project, even though the investors spent $50,000 a week during development. These words have been confirmed by several developers. Logan Paul continues and signs off: these claims are “simply wrong” he hammers before adding: “If necessary, all the malicious people will be exposed and held fully accountable”.

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