Maccabi Haifa – PSG: Messi at the center of a dark controversy in spite of himself after giving his jersey

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Last night, Lionel Messi took PSG to Maccabi Haifa, reviving the capital club when they were the most tossed about with a goal just before the break. A goal accompanied by a decisive pass for Kylian Mbappé then which sounded the alarm clock of a Parisian team which finally imposed itself on the Israeli lawn (3-1).

Messi, for his part, took the opportunity to mark the spirits and afford two records in the evening, including that of now being the only one to have scored for 18 straight seasons in the Champions League, which even Cristiano Ronaldo did not succeed. But the Pulga, later in the evening, found itself in spite of itself at the center of a funny controversy.

The player who received Messi’s shirt in a rape case

Indeed, Messi never refuses an exchange of jerseys with opposing players who are happy to recover a relic of the Argentine legend. Except that last night, Messi agreed to do it with a certain Omer Atzili, a Maccabi player who has been causing major non-sporting controversy for two years. A big sex scandal involving the use of drugs and the rape of a 15-year-old girl has come to light in Israel and Omer Atzili is cited in the case, without it being worth sporting sanctions for the moment. but the spotlight offered very involuntarily by Messi has put this case back in the spotlight since last night…

to summarize

Lionel Messi, as generous on the field as off, did not hesitate to exchange his jersey after the meeting. Problem, the lucky one is accompanied by big pans… Heavy accusations weigh on the Maccabi Haifa player.

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