“Madame is worse than X-rays”

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Proust specialists like to mention, almost like an anecdote, some of his whims. For example, he liked the theatrophone – a variant of the telephone through which shows were broadcast remotely and which was very popular at the end of the 19th century.e and at the beginning of the XXe century. Or that the car interested him and that there are in the “Research” some beautiful passages on the train. But to go from there to making technique a fertile entry into Proust’s work, there is a step which seems difficult to cross, so much does our collective mythologies associate it more readily with a madeleine dipped in tea, flowers, a wall yellow and a small sonata.

However, in 2013, in Proust is a fiction” (Seuil), the writer François Bon invited a completely different reading: “Proust arises at the exact moment when technological mediation becomes essential in the daily relationship. He seizes it, turns it into a textual generator and returns it to the ancestral background of literature, the quest for oneself, the passionate relationship between beings to push it a little further. »

In other words, watching over the pages for technical mentions is not a failing, but a way of understanding what we like about great authors: their ability to

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