Massive dismissal at Meta: Mark Zuckerberg’s company in difficulty?

After the freeze, removals – At Meta, the end of the year is marked on the one hand by partnerships which allow the company to continue to develop in web3, and on the other hand by layoffs which could affect thousands of employees.

According to a November 6 article in the Wall Street Journal, Meta is considering parting with thousands of its employees. This massive dismissal could be one of the biggest cuts staff in a technology company. Meta has approximately 87,000 employees.

The company would like to reduce its human resources budget even more, after announcing a hiring freeze last September.

As early as July, rumors were circulating about reductions in the growth of the workforce of Meta, whose growth in advertising revenues has slowed, due to competition from other platforms such as Tik Tok. This hiring freeze was then intended to reduce costs by 10%.

The loss of more than 9 billion dollars that the metaverse division of Meta has registered, adds to the list of factors that could effectively force the company to push thousands of its employees out.

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