Mathias Pogba admits to being at the initiative of the video threatening his brother Paul

As announced by The Parisianand confirmed by AFP, Mathias Pogba admitted during his police custody to have been at the initiative of the video published on August 27 which promised “revelations” about his brother Paul.

Florentin’s twin has been heard since Wednesday in the context of a judicial investigation opened on September 2 in Paris following a complaint filed on July 16 by the Juventus midfielder, who denounces attempts at extortion between March and July 2022 amounting to 13 million euros.

These confessions contradict the words of Paul Pogba during a hearing by the investigators. The world champion had estimated that Mathias was ” under pressure “ people wanting to extort money from him. Last week, the latter, through the voice of his former lawyer, said to himself “totally foreign to any extortion maneuver against his brother”.


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