Mbappé, the great controversy in Argentina

The reunion between Kylian Mbappé and Argentina promises to be hot. Consequence of his statements about South American football.

Kylian Mbappé can expect a fiery welcome from the Argentines on Sunday when Les Bleus take on the Albiceleste in the World Cup final. And not just because the Parisian striker was Argentina’s first executioner four years ago in the round of 16. After inducing a penalty thanks to a great move, Bondynois had scored a double.

But if the Argentinians should be particularly vengeful with Kylian Mbappé, it is also because of his statements made this summer about South American football. “The advantage we Europeans have is that we play amongst ourselves with high-level matches all the time, such as the Nations League, he had launched when he named the favorites for the World Cup in Qatar. When we arrive at the World Cup, we will be ready, where Brazil and Argentina do not have this level in South America, believes Mbappé. Football is not as advanced as in Europe. That is why in the last WC it is always the Europeans who win.

Messi had answered him

The words of the former Monegasque had sparked a very lively controversy, especially in Argentina. Lionel Messi did not hesitate to answer him. “We often talked about it with the Spaniards, they know how difficult it would be for them to qualify for the World Cup if they were to play in South America. In Colombia, with the altitude, the heat or in Venezuela… there are different conditions, which makes the task much more difficult, he explained before correcting Italy during the Finalissima. Apart from the fact that they are big teams, with great players, and football is becoming more and more equal, regardless of the opponent, I think we are ready to play against any European team. »

And Debu Martinez agreed. “Playing Bolivia in La Paz, in Ecuador with 30°, in Colombia where you can’t breathe… They always develop on impeccable lawns, well watered, they don’t know Amsud. Every time we come to the national team, we got exhausted and we can’t train much. When an Englishman goes to train with England, he’s there in half an hour,” he pointed out.

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