Mbappé’s muscular speech to shake the Blues at half-time

TF1’s “Merci les Bleus” documentary showed Kylian Mbappé speaking at half-time of the France-Argentina World Cup final (3-3, 4-2 loss). The French striker is shaken by what he saw in the first half, at the end of which the Albiceleste led 2-0.

What did the Blues say to each other at half-time in the final against Argentina? After a disastrous first period, without a single shot attempt, the French are down 2-0 at the Lusail Stadium. The documentary “Merci les Bleus”, broadcast on Tuesday night on TF1, reveals that Kylian Mbappé spoke in front of the group to express his frustration and try to remobilize the troops.

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Standing, stunned by what he has just seen, he, who will then distinguish himself with a memorable hat-trick, says loud and clear: “It’s a World Cup final, it’s the game of life. We can’t Can’t get worse anyway. We go back on the field, we either let them play dumb or we go there, we put some intensity and we go into the duels and we do something else guys. “It’s a World Cup final . It is finished. , they scored two goals, we are down by two goals. We can come back! Guys, it’s something like this every four years”.

Kylian Mbappé at half-time in the France-Argentina final in the documentary Merci les Bleus
Kylian Mbappé at half-time in the France-Argentina final in the documentary Merci les Bleus © TF1 screenshot

Mandanda angry, Deschamps injured

Steve Mandanda takes over in stride. The replacement for Hugo Lloris is much more annoyed: “Now guys, it’s done. We lose 2-0, it’s done. Afterwards, that’s what we want. We all did it once. once, turn the game around. And it’s possible. But you’ve got to go on the field with a different frame of mind, guys. It’s not possible to do it, finally, guys, shit! We did everything for that!”

Didier Deschamps continues with a calmer tone. At least in the beginning: “Guys, I’m telling you this without getting upset. Do you know the difference? It’s that on the contrary they play a bloody World Cup final. And we, we don’t play that!”. Meanwhile the tone of his voice rose. Above all, the coach hit the table in the middle of the dressing room with all his might.

“I really wasn’t happy during the break. Besides, I lost a finger on the spot, he later confides in an interview facing the camera. We had this quality, this strength of character. I like it, I love it. Don’t give let go. Everything goes very quickly. You have to believe in it until the end.”

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