– News – Google cancels its Pixelbook and abandons the laptop market

Several years after the launch of the last Pixelbook, Google would have finally canceled the development of its successor. It thus withdraws from the laptop market, but its Chrome OS operating system still equips other Chromebooks.

After a long period of uncertainty, Google has finally decided to cancel the Pixelbook and disband its team. So that’s the end of the Pixelbook, Google’s Chromebook computer.

The Silicon Valley giant hadn’t released a new laptop in almost three years. The latest, namely the Pixelbook Go, was launched in 2019. It was a premium but affordable Chromebook that was used a lot by students in particular during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A source close to the Pixelbook confirmed to The Verge that the laptop is in development this year. Its release was scheduled for 2023. Nevertheless, the project was reportedly halted as part of cost cutting within the company. Employees who worked on the development of the Pixelbook would have been transferred to other Google projects.

The Pixelbook 2 was expected next year with a Tensor chip

At this time, Google has yet to officially confirm the discontinuation of the Pixelbook 2. A communications manager only stated that “Google does not share future product plans or personnel information. However, we are committed to creating and supporting a portfolio of innovative and useful Google products for our users.” We will therefore not know more for the moment. Moreover, the Pixelbook Go is still available for sale on Google’s US site.

As a reminder, the Pixelbook 2 was expected to feature the new Tensor chip. Some rumors even claimed that Google was working on a Tensor chip exclusively for the Pixelbook. Ditching the Pixelbook at this time is all the stranger as Google is about to expand its Pixel family.

We obviously think of the Pixel Watch which was recently seen on the wrist of the CEO of Google. Google’s first smartwatch is expected this fall and it’s reportedly more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5.

We must also not forget the Pixel tablet expected for next year. With the laptop market being particularly competitive, Google may prefer to refocus on tablets and smartwatches in addition to smartphones.

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