Mercato Mercato – PSG: Lionel Messi’s wife has already decided on her future

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Author of a complicated first season at PSG, Lionel Messi was not the only one who had trouble acclimatizing to his new life in Paris. His wife was also confused by their departure from Barcelona. His and his children’s well-being will naturally factor into the striker’s reflection on his future, who sees his contract expire at the end of the season.

Where will develop Lionel Messi next season? Holy withArgentina at the World Cup, the 35-year-old striker can now think about his personal situation, while it PSG is already working hard to renew his lease as indicated by According to the latest trends, Lionel Messi is heading towards an extension with the Parisian team. But his adaptation in the capital was not easy, and it was not better for his family. What will he bet on his decision?

“It was all new to me”

While he was a shadow of himself during his first season at PSG, Lionel Messi acknowledged in recent months the difficulties he encountered following his departure from heartbeat Barcelonahis lifelong club until this summer 2021. I used to play all my life in one way and come to a place where it’s not the same, where you play differently, where you see football differently, with new teammates… I had teammates at Barcelona who had played with me for many years and they knew me by heart. It was all new to me “trusted Messi last May to the Argentine media TyC Sports.

“With my wife, we suffered a lot for this”

As far as they are concerned, children are off The pulga had much less difficulty adapting to this new environment, contrary to what the parents feared. ” Children are the ones who have adapted the bestsaid Lionel Messi to ESPN October last year. That was what worried us the most, and it was the easiest thing of all… For them, starting school, making new friends, it was very normal, very simple. »

On the other hand, the situation was not easy to live with Antonella Roccuzzo, his wife. “ We have suffered a lot for thatfound Messi. I remember leaving them at school and walking away crying as I suffered for them. The truth is, we took the lead for nothing because it was spectacular. In Barcelona, ​​we had made our lives, it is not easy to arrive in a new place with a different language. We thought they would feel bad and none of that, on the contrary. »

“His wife and children feel at home”

Since, Lionel Messi smiled again, as evidenced by his start to the season with Paris Saint Germainbut what aboutAntonella Roccuzzo ? The feeling of the latter is crucial for the rest of the career of the seven-time Ballon d’Or, since it is she who takes charge of the family’s big choice as revealed Guillem Balaguecinema of Leo Messiin a column for The Parisian. For a year and a half, Antonella Roccuzzo had time to get used to Parisian life contrary to what some rumors may have suggested. According to Guillem Balague, Antonella is now satisfied and would even have done her best to help her husband.

His wife Antonella traveled to the four corners of Paris during the recent international break and she can’t wait to show all this to her husband. Leo has promised to follow her as soon as it’s less cold. “, the biographer revealed about the new world champion a year ago. An attitude that has not changed according to him, questioned before Global by Le Figaro : ” If PSG told him “it’s now or never”, he would sign. (…) His wife and children feel at home. (…) So I would say that PSG are favorites to keep him because he sees himself in the top flight for a long time to come, even if he hasn’t told anyone. “All lights are therefore green for extension Lionel Messi In Paris.

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