Messi and Argentina go berserk against the Spanish referee

Despite his side’s qualification against the Netherlands, the Argentine number 10 had harsh words for Spanish referee Miguel Mateu Lahoz.

Joy but also anger. As he left the pitch at the Losail stadium on Friday night, Lionel Messi was torn between the exhilaration of qualifying for the semi-finals of the World Cup after a win against the Netherlands and the frustration of being judged, according to him, by an incompetent man in black. “We can’t put a referee like that for a match of this magnitude,” lamented Lionel Messi after Argentina’s victory over the Netherlands (2-2, 4 losses to 3) in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup.

I think Fifa should take care of this“, urged Messi at the microphone of beIN Sports, at the end of a meeting marked by 14 warnings (6 yellow cards against the Dutch and 8 against the Argentines) and several starting matches. “The judge cannot make mistakes“, stormed the Argentine strategist. “We suffered whatever we had to suffer but we got there and that’s the best part“, he commented on the victory for the snatch of his family.

An opinion shared by Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper of the South American team: “Since this judge is crazy, arrogant… You say something to him, he talks bad to you. He gave ten minutes of extra time, he wanted us to concede the equaliser. Honestly, he is the absolute worst referee in the World Cup“Explained the doorman to the Albiceleste.

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