Micro Focus technology and expertise contribute to the success of the mainframe application modernization project at AG

Micro Focus announces the successful modernization of AG’s mission-critical business applications. Based on the solutions and services of Micro Focus, the largest and oldest insurance company present in Belgium has set up a collaborative and modern application development environment, meeting its current needs while facilitating an evolution. continues and changes to come.

During this large-scale modernization project, critical applications representing more than 80 million lines of code were transferred from the old mainframe system to a new infrastructure capable of supporting 14 million transactions per day. The project started in mid-2018, with a target of completion within four years. Its efficiency made it possible to achieve it in three years. Crucially, during and since the transition, there has been no disruption to AG’s day-to-day operations or to the services provided to its three million customers.

“The entire transaction has created an innovative and open environment conducive to a new data-centric strategy and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for our company today and over the long term. », emphasizes Philippe Van Belle, Chief Information & Technology Officer at AG. “The modernization project paved the way for the use of the cloud and closer alignment of operational systems with data analytics. The result is a modern IT infrastructure that allows AG to respond effectively to the expectations and needs of its customers and distribution partners. We could not have completed this considerable project without our partnership and our excellent collaboration with Micro Focus. »

Not content to bolster its already excellent customer services, AG is now accelerating its own digital transformation by modernizing its IT architecture. As part of this evolution, the company will now offer more services and carry out its business operations in the cloud by continuously exploiting new digital technologies. The modernization project has the additional benefit of providing AG with a state-of-the-art environment to recruit a new generation of developers, but also to retain its existing employees by enhancing their development skills and program knowledge.

The modernization project consisted of migrating GA applications from z/OS to a Windows environment. To this end, the company called upon the Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Server products of Micro Focus, as well as the expertise of its Professional Services group. AG’s modernization project was carried out in collaboration with HP Enterprise as system integrator and Capgemini as test partner.

The company Micro Focus supports the choice of its customers for the modernization of their applications, processes and infrastructures. Digital transformation requires a flexible and adaptive strategy aimed at improving results and accelerating time to value. With the Micro Focus Modernization Maturity Model, IT managers can quickly map their current IT environment against their future business strategy, while striking the right balance between cost, risk and speed.

“The mainframe has served AG well and faithfully for years. However, greater connectivity had become necessary, as well as the integration of mission-critical systems with key trading partners and that of data and services. We have transformed our IT infrastructure to ensure that our company remains a leader in the insurance industry. We will soon begin phase two of AG’s digital transformation with a broad cloud integration that will make it easier for us to adapt to new technologies as they emerge,” added Philippe Van Belle, Chief Information & Technology Officer at AG. .

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