MIDI VILLAGES In Bagard, a new high-tech paramedical center inaugurated

Karine and Amélie opened their paramedical center Novaderm. (Photo Corentin Migoule)

At the beginning of October, the Novaderm face and body care center opened its doors at 7 chemin de Peyrigoux, on the edge of the very busy D 910, in Bagard. A project born following the retraining of two liberal nurses.

“With confinement, the idea of ​​​​retraining came by itself”, recognizes Amélie, 43 years old. A few days ago, this resident of Ribaute-les-Tavernes inaugurated, together with her partner, Karine, the brand new Novaderm face and body care center, established in Bagard, between Anduze and Alès. Then liberal nurses associated in the sector, these two forties, tired of the grueling pace of their initial profession, chose to “care differently”.

“We found our main supplier, Celestetic, during a stay in Brussels”replays Amélie, addressing the dozen guests at an inaugural buffet. “We are not beauticians. Don’t expect massages”, warns the last named. At Novaderm, presented by the two co-managers as “a high-tech paramedical center”two types of care are offered.

Avoid the need for surgery

The first, called “multi-technique treatment”, is based on the combination of four procedures and gives its full potential after six sessions. Acne, scars, wrinkles and fine lines, redness, alopecia and pigment spots are treated with peeling. In a second room, the “Hifu” technology is supposed to make the body and face firmer via a non-invasive lifting, an alternative that allows “to avoid the need for surgery”.

Two to three sessions would be enough to offer a result ” impressive “. “It has a tightening effect on the skin. Localized ultrasound will burn the skin at 70 degrees to remove unwanted fat cells”explains Amélie, who recognizes “some redness” at the end of the sessions, which fade quickly. All protocols begin with an initial “diagnosis” meeting which allows the client’s needs to be defined.

After a little over a month of opening, Amélie and Karine’s clientele is “exclusively female”. But the two associates do not despair of seeing men arrive, some having already expressed an interest in alopecia (loss of hair and/or body hair). Teenagers prone to acne disturbances are also expected at Novaderm. “Knowing that we are nurses reassures people a lot”concludes Karine, who would not have “never imagined” operate in this area.

Corentin Migoule

Novaderm, 7 chemin de Peyrigoux, in Bagard. Prices: from 49 euros. Contact:

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