Mini-LED technology is now available from Stream

The Bomare Company, under its commercial brand STREAM, announces the launch of its new series of televisions, which offer consumers at the same time the choice of several platforms, but also the latest technologies in terms of display, Mini LED more precisely.

Mini LED STREAM TV takes the picture quality of LCD TV to the next level. Available in 8K and 4K series, these models use Quantum Dot technology and Mini LED lighting to achieve deeper blacks, more vivid and accurate colors and better contrast than conventional LCD/LED TVs.

The new series of STREAM TVs allow users to enjoy excellent picture quality and a much more immersive viewing experience thanks to the combined power of Mini LED light technology and Quantum Dot technology, which enable the screen to produce maximum color nuances.

Of the entire 2023 STREAM TV series, the new Mini LED models, which will be available from the second quarter, offer the largest number of options with a wide range of reach (from 50 inches to 75 inches), a selection of powerful and innovative platforms ( Google TV and WebOS Hub 2.0) and a choice of screen quality (4K and 8K).

STREAM remains a leading Algerian brand in television manufacturing, the only brand offering a 5-year warranty and the first Algerian brand to export its products to the European market.

As a reminder, STREAM and since the launch of these CRT televisions in 2001 has strived to provide its customers with the best in display technologies and content management platforms. It launched the first LCD TV in 2008, the first LED TV in 2012, a wide range of smart TV, Android TV, Google TV and especially the unique WebOS TV.

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