Mom notices a red line under her son’s foot that was a sign of an infection

On social networks, a mother warned parents about the infection that affected her 17-month-old son, lymphangitis.

This Instagram post was massively shared. A mother of a 17-month-old boy wanted to raise awareness among other parents. After a mosquito bite on her young son’s foot, she noticed an abnormal reaction. “About a year ago on Facebook, I saw the story of this mother who had marked me and yesterday morning unfortunately, I see the same thing under my son’s foot (due to mosquito bites) the famous red line”, explains the young woman in the caption of a photo posted on Instagram.

“It turns out that this red line, which could be innocuous, is a lymphangitis (red cord under the skin) infection of the blood and if not treated in time, it can go up to the heart and end up in sepsis,” the mom continued. Indeed, lymphangitis is an acute bacterial infection of the peripheral lymphatic channels where the lymph circulates. Before completing: “10 days of antibiotics for my son and a check-up on Tuesday at the hospital, of course, to see if the line is not progressing by then”. She wanted to thank a previous post published on the social networks of a mother who shared this misadventure. Sensitized to this infection, she then reacted more quickly.

Antibiotic treatment

This phenomenon is also called “cellulite” and can also occur on the chest during breastfeeding, then it is mastitis. In most cases, lymphangitis is the consequence of the presence of bacteria, streptococci or staphylococci aureus. These can enter through a wound or (as is the case here) a mosquito bite. Other symptoms are to be identified such as fever, headaches and chills.

How to avoid it? “To prevent cellulitis, wash and disinfect any wound or pimple using a disinfectant containing, for example, chlorhexidine (Merfen or Septivon aqueous solution). Try to avoid your child scratching his lesions”, recommends the pediatrician-online website. In the majority of patients, treatment with antibiotics is effective.

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