Monkey pox: a rebound in the epidemic? The Monitoring Committee launches the alert


In a notice published a few hours ago, the Watch Committee does not rule out an epidemic rebound of monkeypox. But only if behavior relaxes and vaccination coverage remains insufficient. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

What is monkey pox?

Before telling you more about the opinion of the Monitoring Committee, we are going to tell you what monkeypox is. Also called Monkeypox, it is a disease caused by a virus most often transmitted to humans in the forest areas of Central and West Africa by wild rodents or more rarely monkeys. Since May 2022, cases have been diagnosed in Europe in people who have not stayed in Africa. Most of the cases currently reported in Europe concern gay or bisexual men. In particular, monkeypox can cause pimples or lesions on the body. Mainly in the sex and/or anus. But also on the face, in the mouth, the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, on the bust or the limbs. It is also possible to have a fever or swollen and painful lymph nodes

A vaccination that decreases more and more

According to an advisory issued a few hours ago, the most likely scenario for smallpox is a continued outbreak. But quietly. This means that there is a risk of recovery:“The current epidemic is decreasing in a major way. But it remains difficult to assess the risks of a rebound or resurgence of monkeypox due to a large number of unknowns.“. And among the unknown things, we obviously have vaccination. For the moment, approximately 132,750 vaccinations had been carried out in France. On a target population estimated between 100,000 and 300,000 people. After a peak at the end of August, the rate of vaccination fell sharply to stabilize at around 3,000 per week. Mainly second injections. In the medium and long term, Covars considers unlikely the elimination of mpox on an international scale.

The Covars insists on vaccination

The committee recommends maintaining and strengthening the efforts in place. Why ? Well, to try to achieve the elimination of monkey pox infection within three months in the national territory. And to continue these efforts in order to prevent the risk of future epidemic rebounds. First through prevention, but also with vaccination. It remains to be seen now, if it will work. To be continued…


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