“More foot patrols”, “optimization” of technology: the priorities of the new head of the municipal police in Nice

It is in a place steeped in history, at the Nice War Memorial, that the inauguration ceremony of the new head of the municipal police took place on Monday.

“The First of France”, the city’s mayor recalled. This is what forces Jérôme Marcenac, this former officer of the air force, past the special forces and about fifteen external operational sites before he integrated the national police at the rank of commissioner two years ago.

Courage and devotion

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To join the head of the municipal administration of Nice, this “man of action” agreed to “to renounce one’s rank”stressed Christian Estrosi.

In return, he is therefore the head of the best-equipped municipal security force in the country: 550 police officers and more than a hundred public road guards.

“Everyday Soldiers”, often on the front line. As evidenced by the medals for courage and devotion awarded to six officials from Nice during this installation ceremony.

Agents Brice, Mickaël and Alexandre, who on January 18 did not hesitate to enter a building on rue Alfred-Binet to rescue people trapped in the flames. Norbert, Cyril and Rémi were among the first to intervene on April 24 at the Saint-Pierre-d’Arène church, where a stabbing had just taken place.

Technology: “Optimize” the tools

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In addition to these unusual events, the municipal police officers are above all the guarantors of peace for the people of Nice.

Their new director, Jérôme Marcenac, wants to strengthen their closeness to the population. For this he promises “no more patrols”. Especially “pedestrians”: “You will see our dog brigade and our equestrian brigade even more”he announces.

The new director also intends to do so “to optimize” the technological tools made available to him: “It doesn’t mean more technology, but more efficient use of that technology.”


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