MotoGP: something is wrong with Yamaha’s speech: should we already be worried about Fabio Quartararo in 2023?

However, Lin Jarvis had set the tone at Yamaha during the presentation of the troops for the 2023 MotoGP season: “We are going to battle with this bike. We are going to war,” the Englishman had bluntly announced. And indeed, in light of the course of the previous campaign marked with a Ducati hot iron, changes are to be made from the Iwata factory. At the heart of the promised offensive is this four-cylinder in-line engine, from which a more powerful cavalry must advance to sound the attack. Nothing seems simpler than achieved by listening to the official communication from Indonesia.An illusion that only lasted a few hours…

European audacity in the way of Grand Prix racing has proven itself and must inspire Japanese surprise as well as speed if they want to get back into the race. In the house of YamahaWe communicated a lot about the agreement with Luca Marmorini and its team whose core business is beautifying and transforming engines. For what result, and above all, for how long, knowing that the space time in the land of the rising sun is different from that which is valid on the red Ducati planet?

Data collected and as we first thought assimilated by listening to the speeches from Jakarta: Takahiro Sumidaily manager of the motorcycle sports department of Yamahasaid: we worked hard on the M1 to help Fabio Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli fight against their mighty rivals. We have changed the bike in almost every area, the engine is of course our number one, a priority “.

Yamaha can’t wait until 2024

Soothing words until Maio Meregalli getting involved…” The fruit of the collaboration with Marmorini is seen in 2024. This year’s engine is still the child of 2021 and 2022, he concentrates on the next thing “. A cold shower was barely warmed by this mention: “ The 2023 engine spec will definitely be better. The priority was to improve speed. The figures that the engineers presented to us are comforting “. Certainly, but it is as if the sporting director wanted to dampen the expectations that the first speeches gave rise to.

The spectrum of Valencia testwhich was a disappointment with the development of the engine, is therefore already hovering over the tests to come Sepang. And it is not the versions given on the Spanish flop by Sumi-san as by Meregalli that will reassure about what we can expect in Malaysia: ” we had tried too many things together or in the wrong order, and what the engine was supposed to give, something else took it away. Fortunately, it happened in Valencia and we were able to put it right. Because it would have been much worse in Sepang said the Italian. And the Japanese? : ” the result in the Valencia test was something different than we expected. But then we analyzed the reasons a lot. So everything is now clear and we are better prepared for the Sepang test.. It’s something that disappointed the drivers, but now we understand better and are better prepared for Sepang. “.

Finally, a word must be said about the famous lost satellite team that Lin Jarvis vows to find as soon as possible. There, too, the excitement at the beginning of the investigation seems to be diluted with time. With this mention in Indonesia that it is no longer so serious to ride the season with only your two official bikes: ” this year we will be without a satellite team this year. In some way, I don’t think it will be a big deficit because it will allow us to focus only on the factory bikes “. It will be remembered that the same mentioned last season only with eight motorcycles. Ducati had a developmental advantage. But we are no longer in a contradiction.

Yet, Lin Jarvis adds: ” we want to go back to having a satellite team, there is no doubt “. The Englishman also states: it is complicated to explain the opportunities and obstacles we face. But if we can clear some of the hurdles, we could be looking at 2024. If not, I am quite convinced of that in 2025will we have a satellite team again “.

After that Lin Jarvis ends with this sentence, which reveals that nothing is really complicated to explain the difficulty Yamaha to find a partner after losing RNF who crashed into the arms ofAprilia : ” we really need to make sure we have a bike that will be fully competitive for this season and for the future, 2024 and 2025 “. We will have to act quickly, because in 2026 a new technical agreement will be validated in MotoGP. All the more reason to keep his rank from 2023 and not already rely on 2024.

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