Motorcycle thieves betrayed by technology in the suburbs of Toulouse

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Two men aged 41 and 46 will be tried next September for theft and concealment of theft. They are suspected of being involved in two burglaries, including one committed in Tournefeuille on November 2.

A simple app installed on the victim’s phone helped arrest two repeat burglars. These 41 and 46-year-old men were apprehended this week in Colomiers in possession of several motorcycles stolen in Haute-Garonne between October and November 2022.

It all starts on the night of November 2. Around 2 a.m., a resident of Tournefeuille was sleeping soundly when his phone began to vibrate. A first time, then a second. When the victim wakes up to check his phone, he notices an alert message indicating that his motorcycle is in motion. Weird. The owner rushes out of his house and finds that his KTM is missing. It was stolen overnight. But luckily, the two-wheeler is very recent and therefore geolocable from a smartphone. And to find his trace, the Tournefeuillais has only to launch an application installed on his mobile phone. Bingo, the motorcycle is located in Colomiers.

Another stolen motorcycle

After alerting the police, he went to the scene with the left bank crime squad. Officials are quick to notice the presence of two suspicious individuals. These forties discuss in front of the garage from which the motorcycle emits a signal. The police apprehend them and open the door of the box. The vehicle stolen from Tournefeuille is inside, but it is not the only one. The police also found a Yamaha motorcycle, also reported stolen since October 31.

In the cars of the two suspects, the investigators also got their hands on grinder discs, which were visibly worn. As if they had been used to cut locks…

During the hearings, these gentlemen denied being involved in this series of burglaries. According to their versions, an unknown person would have paid them to keep these motorcycles. They will now have to convince the court during a trial organized on September 23.

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