Nantes sinks in Baku, and does not confirm its first victory

The return trip will be even longer than the outward journey for the people of Nantes…

The FCN lost 3-0 in Azerbaijan against Qarabag, with three goals conceded in twelve minutes. The gap was probably not that big in a game that was not very exciting, but the home players deserved their victory thanks to a second period that was more watchable than the first.

Zoubir also gives up his place

The Frenchman, second scorer of the match (they all went out), was replaced by Gurbanli at the start of 5 minutes of additional time.

The first scorer of the match comes out

Owusu is replaced by Leandro Andrade. Jankovic, third scorer, gives way to Richard Almeida. And Romao (Brazilian, no connection) enters in place of Qarayev.

And it’s a bad start for Monaco too…

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Appiah replaces Mohamed

Kombouaré probably manages more in view of the weekend’s game than he tries a tactical move.

Nantes can’t do it

Two headers from a corner pass by in quick succession.

“Who does not jump is not Nantes!”

Despite the score, we still hear the French supporters. Given the length of the trip, it would be silly to stop singing.

Qarabag manages well

Unfortunately for the show, since the locals keep the ball well to keep their three-goal lead.

New Nantes double change

Moutoussamy and Simon are replaced by Girotto and Coco.

AND IT’S 3-0…

Jankovic can arm his shot from a distance low to the ground following a corner. It’s Qarabag’s third goal in 12 minutes…

Nantes tries to react

The Canaries notably obtain a corner. Mohamed takes the lead, but the ball lands on the “roof” of the goal.


Zoubir does not need to force his shot to beat Lafont, a little too advanced from a tight angle. 2-0 in 5 minutes…

Nantes double change

Ganago and Sissoko are replaced by Guessand and Chirivella.


How did Qarabag miss that? After a first shot pushed back, a point-blank shot is saved by a tackle from Corchia.

Sheydaev replaces Ozobic

We let you analyze the tactical impact of this change.


Nantes cracked on the hour mark, with a full axis shift for the Ghanaian who quietly adjusts Lafont. The trap has closed on the Canaries.

It started again on a more animated rhythm

We don’t know if we should be happy about it for Nantes, since Qarabag seems more on his feet in these first minutes, but for the show it’s good news.

Lafont still has to intervene…

Qarabag is increasingly dangerous. Zoubir strikes at the entrance to the surface. His strike is pushed back (without the hand claimed by the Azeris) by Pallois, Uwusu drags but Lafont arises again.

It’s back to Baku!

We hope for a livelier second period. No changes at the break.

0-0 at the break!

We are not going to lie to each other: we will quickly forget this first period. Simon tried to animate it, but it was ultimately Lafont who had to be decisive in preventing Nantes from returning to the locker room with a bad surprise.


Huseynov is alone at the far post on a free kick and forces the Nantes goalkeeper to a not so easy save on a header. The FCN is not doing so badly, in the end.

Friborg on track to have 6 points

The German club leads 0-2 against Olympiacos in the other match of the group.


Pallois is eliminated by Owusu, who tries a probably too ambitious dive. Lafont is still on his feet and pushes back.

Simon really has legs

He often eliminates on his side, even if it does not always lead to something. After his center back, Fabio sends a shot from far too soft in the goalkeeper’s gloves.


The Nigerian strikes and again puts the Qarabag goalkeeper to work from a tight angle.

Monaco also plays at 6:45 p.m.

It’s not very lively here, so we keep an eye on the other matches.

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Zoubir strikes on his left side

His center back is pushed back again, but Qarabag starts to come out more and more. Attention.

Castelletto fends off a cross with a header

The Azeri club is not dangerous at the moment, but we feel that it can quickly go forward when they have the opportunity.

The Nantes dry cleaners very close to paying

Mustafazade doesn’t know what to do with the ball and is forced to run back to his keeper. Nantes striker Mohamed felt the blow and emerged, but his control left six meters.


Resumption of the left full of spontaneity at the corner of the surface. Magomedaliyev could have been surprised, but manages to clear with both fists.

Sissoko always knows how to accelerate

Nice power on his ball grip, even if his pass in the box is then pushed back.

It’s hard to build

The match is quite closed: no team manages to be sharp, between lack of space and technical errors.

Freiburg already leads against Olympiacos in the other match of the group

The Germans have virtually 6 points.

First corner for Nantes

Qarabag is very close to going against in stride, but Moutoussamy has the intensity necessary to allow Pallois to come back and clear.

First indication on the Nantes component

The Canaries are well four behind, and we know the positioning of the side: Fabio has lost his support on the left side, Corchia has cleared the center on the right.

Let’s go !

Kick off given by Nantes, all in yellow.

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The teams are on the pitch

The stadium is not completely full, but well stocked nonetheless. And there are a lot of phone lights during the players’ entrance. The UEFA anthem was whistled in protest at the absence of a minute’s silence.

A very special atmosphere in Qarabag

A few minutes before the start of the Qarabag-Nantes match, the atmosphere particularly surprised the Nantes delegation in the Tofiq Barhamov stadium. No music is broadcast out of respect for the victims of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia which has resumed in recent days in the north of the country.

There are however nearly 30,000 people in the enclosure but almost no encouragement for the players of the club. There will be no minute of silence before kick-off contrary to the wishes of the Qarabag club. UEFA having refused this tribute, the stadium will be completely silent for one minute after kick-off. The hundred Nantes supporters have been warned, it remains to be seen what their attitude will be. Fifteen minutes from kick-off, they did not enter the stadium.

Pierre-Yves Leroux in Qarabag

The composition of Qarabag

With in particular Abdellah Zoubir, twirling French in particular passed by Lens. The Romao on the bench, on the other hand, is a Brazilian who has nothing to do with the former OM player.

Qarabag: Magomedaliyev – Vesovic, Mustafazade, Huseynov, Jafarguliyev – Garayev, Jankovic – Borges, Ozobic, Zoubir – Owusu.

Replacements: Gugeshavili, Ramazanov, Romao, Almeida, Andrade, Ibrahimibili, Gurbanli, Bayramov, Huseynov, Sheidaev, Akhundzade.

The Nantes eleven!

To see how FC Nantes will come alive. It can be a 4-2-3-1, or even a three-man defense with Fabio or Corchia in an axial role and Simon in piston.

Nantes: Lafont – Fabio, Castelletto, Pallois, Corchia – Sissoko, Moutoussamy – Ganago, Blas, Simon – Mohamed.

Replacements: Descamps, Petric, Girotto, Appiah, Merlin, Coco, Chirivella, Guessand, Bamba.

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Kick-off at 6:45 p.m. for this match after a long trip to Azerbaijan, in a country affected by a conflict on the border with Armenia.

The Nantes people want to confirm their great victory in stoppage time against Olympiacos and make a big splash before the double confrontation against Fribourg.

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