Natural referencing and Google Ads: which one to choose first?

In the context of e-commerce or lead generation, you are quickly tempted to make choices to convert.

Newly installed on the Web or for a while, you undertake to develop your web visibility to achieve your objectives. Several choices are available to you.

In the sphere of web marketing, natural referencing and AdWords advertising are two essentials. When you have a good budget, it is obvious to reconcile the two disciplines at the same time.

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On the other hand, when the choices are mixed, let’s see how natural referencing can quickly surpass Google’s advertising service.

Google Adwords: visibility concomitant with your advertising budget

You don’t have any visibility to start thriving online, Google AdWords gives a real boost. However, this keyword-based advertising service is effective for what you pay.

The certain advantage offered by AdWords compared to natural referencing is the possibility of appearing at the top of the organic results. Simply put, your budget lets you dominate the first page Google tends you pay for.

It is therefore a facility for people whose return on investment is effective. It will therefore be necessary to calculate the profitability of your campaigns well so as not to be a loser.

However, unlike SEO, AdWords only works with campaign finance. Which de facto includes that having no budget instantly erases your online visibility. If the tool can be powerful, it must absolutely be reconciled with an effective SEO strategy.

SEO: the discipline that will give you a boost over time

Realize that SEO is not a discipline for the impatient. Many people are held back by this aspect of which the machine takes longer to start. It makes sense. You have just started and the search engines are not likely to give a certain authority to a site which starts.

However, when the work is done over the long term and you show your progress to Google, it rewards you.

Here are some points that make your visibility can start positively on Google using natural referencing:

  • You provide excellent quality content related to your theme as well as on expressions sought by Internet users. Google rewards you if you give it the opportunity to feed its index with desirable positions.
  • You naturally work to increase the Ranking of your pages by offering excellent backlinks. The search engine appreciates doubly because you help it to understand the path between different web pages.

Natural referencing is more enviable than AdWords for long-term investment

Understand that AdWords advertising is a give-and-take service. It is in Google’s interest to make you use this service in order to generate dividends. AdWords is widely one of the best paid services developed by Google.

Although natural referencing is also beneficial to it, it is above all for the development of your business. The task therefore consists of using an SEO expert to identify strategic points so that the indexing of your pages responds to queries beneficial to Internet users.

What interests Google is to offer the most relevant and truthful answers to these users. This is how you can advance your business to the heart of search engines.

Reconcile digital identity and SEO to excel on Google

Today, natural referencing in the quest for visibility is a much more difficult task than using Google AdWords. If AdWords requires budget, SEO relies for mainly safe companies:

  • The development of a digital identity
  • An objective marketing discourse to reconcile supply and demand
  • A semantic field that revolves around your activity.

It is important to remember these three initial concepts so that your conversion rate can be effective. Indeed, keep in mind that a naturally positioned site where the competition is low cannot convince if its sales pitch is not convincing.

Indeed, many SEO consultants neglect this aspect and focus only on Ranking. To bear fruit, your content strategy must therefore primarily address your target audience.

No need to make word soup to turn it into SEO optimization. The best things you can get from SEO will be to win over your prospects and honor search engine ranking criteria.

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