Near Perpignan: eight children from the same school hit by an epidemic of scarlet fever

A pathology “frequent”, which does not necessarily develop serious signs. But still very impressive. Especially because it affects the youngest among us.

A epidemic of scarlet fever hit a school Girona (Girona)a Catalan town located 60 km from the French border and the department of Eastern Pyrenees. According to information reported by our colleagues from Diari de Girona, 8 children are affected, but other isolated cases cannot be excluded.

The public health agency of Catalonia did not reveal the name of the school affected by this epidemic.

Thanks to Covid

Scarlet fever touches “usually children between 3 and 4 years old, or even younger, although adults who come into contact with it can also be infected”specifies the Diari.

In particular, it causes awesome rash which spreads all over the body. After a week, the patient ends up peeling. Her other symptoms: “High fever, vomiting, sore throat, inflammation of the oral mucosa and swollen tonsils”according to Doctissimo. “After having almost disappeared since the 1940s, scarlet fever seems to be making a comeback in recent years (…) The good news is that, for now, 2020 is relatively spared from scarlet fever due to sanitary measures taken to combat the epidemic of coronavirus.

In general, scarlet fever is treated with antibiotics. To avoid contagion, barrier gestures Covid will do.

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