New crisis for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin falls heavily.

Don’t imagine I take any pleasure in seeing cryptocurrencies crash again.

When we take a step back and look at the graph below which is that of the evolution of Bitcoin prices, it is largely possible to consider that we are looking at the explosion of the bubble speculative.

The fact of liking cryptos or not will not change the case.

States want to set up their own central bank digital currencies.

They are unlikely to give up their exorbitant coinage privilege.

They will therefore kill “private” cryptocurrencies which could obviously compete, in particular for reasons of freedom, with official currencies which, for your good, will be perfectly regulated and fully traced.

The collapse of cryptocurrencies was more than predictable for obvious political reasons. This does not mean that it is good news for individual freedoms.

The death of cryptos, which has not yet been recorded (let’s keep a little hope), is the birth of a new world of absolute economic control over all your transactions.

Charles SANNAT

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