Yamaha offers for 2023 a new, more premium version of its versatile sports trail. While the Tracer 9 already existed in a GT version ready for long rides, the Tracer 9 GT+ is equipped with equipment that has nothing to envy to the top-of-the-range machines in the category.

A month after promising you a Tracer 9 with a radar, here it is officially presented. And it is for the occasion a new version which is added to the Tracer 9 and Tracer 9 GT still available which comes to enrich the sport touring range of Yamaha with a GT+ which is distinguished mainly by a level of equipment further enhanced by a your. The main novelty is obviously the presence of a millimeter wave radar at the front of the bike which allows the introduction of an adaptive regulator. A technology already seen on higher-end machines and which is therefore becoming more democratic. A system for the first time present on a Yamaha which allows you to choose the desired distance with the vehicle in front of you on four settings and comes into action between 30 and 160 km/h. ACC will also prevent acceleration when engaged if it detects that you are cornering.

But Yamaha has not stopped at cruise control and is taking advantage of the presence of its radar to offer a unified front/rear braking system which comes into action automatically according to radar data transmitted to the IMU. The Bosch hydraulic unit takes care of the rest and will therefore automatically brake the motorcycle if it detects that a collision is imminent. Braking that will be less brutal if the machine is cornering to avoid losing the front. Independently of the radar, the braking system is therefore also unified and will automatically distribute the braking force to the front and rear. A system that also works optimally when cornering (like an ABS when cornering), while adjusting the electronic suspensions in real time to guarantee optimum braking.

In addition to these two major innovations, Yamaha has also equipped its novelty with a new 7-inch color TFT meter which offers three different screen themes. A dashboard that is obviously connected, whether via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Note that the brand has optimized GPS navigation with Garmin through the application. Among the other novelties brought to this GT+, the arrival of an up&down shifter which has the particularity of working with the cruise control engaged. You can thus accompany the adaptive system when it decelerates then reaccelerates once the obstacle has been avoided by changing gears without disengaging the cruise control.

Still in a techno spirit, the new KY “KADS” semi-active suspensions work with the IMU control unit and the SCU suspension control unit to adapt the damping forces in real time. Two Sport or Comfort settings are possible. The various driving modes have also been redesigned while new backlit stalks are appearing. The driver’s seat – adjustable in height – is new and has better padding with a leather covering. Not to mention a larger diameter brake disc at the rear with a revised caliper design and a new brake pedal, a new USB socket or redesigned screen uprights. A novelty that will arrive in dealerships from May 2023 at an as yet unknown price.

  • New Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • New Radar Assisted Braking System (UBS) front and rear
  • New millimeter wave radar
  • New 7-inch color TFT instrument panel
  • New smartphone connectivity
  • New full-screen Garmin navigation
  • Integrated and redesigned KYB electronically controlled suspensions
  • New communications control unit
  • New integrated driving modes
  • New ergonomic switch clusters on the handlebars
  • New USB-A socket
  • Redesigned, height-adjustable rider seat and new seat cover material
  • New clear smoked front/rear brake fluid reservoirs
  • Dedicated colors and finish
  • Redesigned side pannier anchor points with damping system
  • New 3rd generation quick-shift system for smooth acceleration
  • Larger diameter rear disc brake
  • Revised rear caliper, rear master cylinder and rear brake pedal

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